Ali Traver
A little while ago a co-worker gave me the nickname, "Traveler."  Not only was it a play on words with my last name (Traver), but it also played tribute to my tendency to be on the move.  In the last two years, I have done quite a bit of traveling: Mexico, Tennessee, St. Maarten, Maine, Vermont, New York, and most recently, Nicaragua.  I also enjoy day trips to Newport and Narragansett.  Yes, day trips to places that are within an hour's drive. If you are a Rhode Islander, you know that a "trip" consists of traveling anywhere outside your city's limits.  If I live in Westerly and I want to visit my BFF in Newport, I might as well pack an overnight bag.  But, I digress.  My colleague thought she was pretty clever nicknaming me Traveler and I didn't argue for two reasons. 1) Later on that week I received a paycheck with my name legitimately mispelled as "Traveler," which I obviously took as a sign; and 2) it's actually quite accurate.  I do love going places and when I do, I love writing about what I saw, the lessons I learned and the food I ate.  So if any of those things turn you on too, I hope you'll read my column. And leave a comment! Or two or three. I enjoy good retroalimentacion ("feedback" for those of you who don't habla Español).
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