Teens Learn to Prepare Family Meals

Give your kids a chance to learn healthy food prep and eating at a unique summer camp opportunity.

Imagine exhausted parents arriving home from work this summer to a nutritious meal competently prepared by their child … their child who has also learned about eating healthy, staying fit and communicating well. 

Fit2cook4Kids prepares 11- to 15-year old students to do just that!

Now in its third year, Fit2cook4Kids teaches children valuable life lessons by uniquely combining social and professional etiquette training with culinary skills and fitness education, under the direction of trained professionals.  

“This program is powerful. You can see the enthusiasm on their faces in the video we posted on our website,” said Karen Salvatore, the founder of Food and Truth, the nonprofit organization that created Fit2cook4Kids. 

Fit2cook4Kids summer camp is part of a growing model developed in Rhode Island as a solution to the catastrophic epidemic of childhood obesity. Camps will be held in North Kingstown, South Kingstown, Jamestown, Cranston and Greenville. 

Programs will run for eight weeks starting July 2 through August 24 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.  Sessions are limited to 14 students.

Tuition is $9.75 per hour for a 40-hour week ($390/week), plus a one-time only registration fee of $20.  Tuition includes a healthy breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack that the campers prepare under the supervision of a professional chef.

Parents have the option of funding a tuition rebate of $120 (or whatever amount they wish), which is given to their child on the last day of camp as a reward for productive attendance. This incentive is part of the financial literacy training the campers receive. Campers learn the difference between checking, savings, credit and debit accounts, and are asked to plan a budget based on an income of $120 per week.

Food And Truth has created Fit2cook4Kids with the intent to replicate camps at various host facilities across Rhode Island. The organization will train individuals who have access to kitchen, fitness and computer facilities to run their own Fit2cook4Kids camps. More information can be found at http://www.foodandtruth.org/www.foodandtruth.org.

Also, you can contact Karen Salvatore at (401) 294-6800 or karen@foodandtruth.org.

Release courtesy of Karen Salvatore.


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