Lifeguard Creates Chemical Free Sunscreen

Brian Gaudagno, a senior lifeguard captain at Narragansett Surf Rescue, has made a new line of organic sunblock called Raw Elements.

Brian Guadagno loves the sun, sand and water. And it’s a good thing because he’s the senior lifeguard captain at Narragansett Surf Rescue.

But one thing he doesn’t like about being a lifeguard is all the sun exposure he gets being out in the sun for hours at a time. 

“As an ocean lifeguard and growing up on the beach, I came to realize that most sunscreens are not environmentally sound or healthy options,” Guadagno said. “Chemical products don’t hold up in the water and don’t always block both UVA and UVB rays.”

Guadagno decided to solve the problem by coming up with his own sunscreen, a chemical-free product called Raw Elements. The main ingredient is zinc oxide, which is found naturally in the earth’s crust. 

Besides being completely organic, Guadagno’s sunscreen also adheres to the new FDA regulation stipulating when a company can put the term “broad spectrum” on a bottle of sunblock. Currently, a company can write “broad spectrum” on the product when it only blocks UVB rays, but by summer 2012, a company will not be allowed to write that on it’s products unless the sunscreen blocks both UVA and UVB rays, according to FDA regulations. 

“It’s important to know that sunscreen should really be the last line of defense,” Guadagno said. “People should really wear clothes, sit in the shade, wear hats to keep the sun from burning them … Sunscreen should only be used lastly as a way of protection from the sun.”

Guadagno will be giving a presentation about sun and ocean safety, and about his new products at this Saturday, July 16 at 11 a.m. at the .

Guadagno worked together with Narragansett Parks and Recreation to create this event. 

“We are really excited to invite people to learn about sun safety,” he said. “It makes the beach a much safer place and makes our job easier.”

Besides having a three-mile open ocean paddle, interactive ocean and sun safety tents, and a professional clinic for Narragansett Surf Rescue, Big Wave World Champion Garret McNamara will be at the town beach on Saturday with the Hawaiian Lifesavers to host the Professional Rescue Clinic and to meet fans all day. 


  • 11:30am – Three-Mile Open Ocean Paddle (Stand Up or Traditional)
  • 12:00pm - Stand Up Paddle Clinic
  • 1:30pm - Professional PWC / WaveJet Rescue Clinic
  • 2:30pm - Awards Ceremony
  • All Day - Interactive Ocean Safety Tent - Narragansett Surf Rescue
  • All Day - Interactive Sun Safety Tent - Raw Elements USA
  • 5:00pm - Meet & Greet With Garrett McNamara at Warm Winds Surf Shop


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