5 THINGS: Something Something Something Valentine’s Day

More important than Valentine’s Day is a special someone’s birthday. (Hint: Send me cash.)

Here are the Five Things for Tuesday, February 14, 2012:

“Love is in the air.” Pretty much every restaurant in town has some sort of Valentine’s Day deal going on, so I’d recommend checking out your favorite to see what they’re offering. As a reminder, you still have a couple days to vote in on the best place in town for a romantic night out – As they say in Providence politics, vote early and vote often!

Go and see the movie that makes a mockery of “all-star” collaborations and my birthday! is also getting in on the lovey-dovey act, with showings of Valentine’s Day at 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. The movie is rated PG-13, and frankly, has pretty dismal reviews despite the cast. But hey, sometimes you want shallow and easy fun on a day like today. (Want something a bit better? Well, Dirty Dancing is available on the streaming service of Netflix, and the library and Redbox both have plenty of good options.)

The world is still on its proper axis – Athletic competitions continue to go on today. After both the Prout School and Narragansett High School had the day off Monday, both schools have teams in action tonight.

  • In a near must-win game, the Narragansett boys’ basketball team (9-10, 7-8 Division II-South) needs to take care of business 7 p.m. tonight at Chariho High School (6-13, 4-11 Division II-South). Junior varsity is at 5:15 p.m. A win against Chargers secures a spot in the state tournament for the Mariners. If Narragansett loses, they have to instead pull off an upset against Westerly (15-5, 12-3 Division II-South) on Friday, or at West Warwick (18-2, 14-1 Division II-South) next week. The Mariners are currently seeded at No. 27 of 32 teams for the state tournament, and have enough points to make the field, but they need to finish with at least a .400 record.
  • Prout boys’ basketball (18-2, 15-0 Division III) looks to improve its seeding with a win at Exeter-West Greenwich (11-8, 11-5 Division III). Tip-off is at 7 p.m., with junior varsity at 5:15 p.m. The Crusaders currently have the No. 12 seed in the state tournament, thanks to their gaudy Division III record.
  • Narragansett wrestling (11-8, 11-5 Division II-South) hosts Exeter-West Greenwich (13-2, 13-2 Division II-South) at 7 p.m. The Division II tournament starts 5 p.m. Friday at Smithfield High School, with additional matches starting 10 a.m. Saturday.
  • The cheerleading squad competes at Warwick Veterans High School at 7:30 p.m. In three meets, the squad has achieved scores of 66, 65 and 60. Their top four scores are averaged for a final score. So far, Mount St. Charles is the only school to complete the competition schedule, posting a sterling overall mark of 80.81. (Note: Schools are judging both overall and in smaller class divisions.)

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Happy birthday to, uh, me. In case you don’t read the comments my mom makes on Facebook, yes, today is indeed the day she brought me into this world after I stubbornly refused to come out for nine days. (Anyone knows me can attest to the fact that I am a man who enjoys his sleep, and apparently, this trait was evident from the womb – I was not going to be rushed out into this world.) As a result, I will not be doing anything to shame her honor today, since I am 28 now, and no longer in college. Please direct all of your “bad birthday decision” suggestions to Samantha.turner@patch.com.

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