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The Longest Minute

Unfortunately, with the crowds of a school vacation, your life can be thrown into complete chaos in one minute.

As most of you know, the kids recently had a week off from school.  We had decided on a few day trips to entertain the kids.  The first of those trips was Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut.  

We got out of the house later than we wanted (not unusual for us), so our first stop was Mystic Pizza for lunch.  We love this place and they have fried pickels!  You can't find those in too many places, so I wasn't gonna miss a chance to have some. Yummy!

When we got to the aquarium, it was crowded, which we expected due to school vacation. You have to remember though, this is our first "real" school vacation.

Prior to my son starting kindergarten, we did these things when other kids were in school to avoid the craziness of so many people trying to do the same thing as us.  No worries, we have been in crowds before.  We both are very vigilante when it comes to watching over the kids, or as my husband would have you believe, I am the crazy lady who doesn't give her kids any freedom.  Thanks Babe, your the best!

About halfway through our visit, Little Man was looking at one tank and Little Miss was looking at the one next to it.  DH and I were behind them. In an instant when we both looked at what Little Man was looking at, our Little Miss went missing.  

As most of you know, the inside part of the aquarium is kinda dark and the crowd did not make it any better.  We started to look all around and she just wasn't near us.  

In a panic I started yelling for her and so did Little Man.  My husband ran to the door and started his way back.  In the meantime, an employee asked us what she was wearing, I told her, and then, I started to cry.  

The thoughts that go through your head will make you crazy.  Where is she, how did we miss this, we were right there.  Is she scared, is she calling for me? Where the hell is my baby!!!

Then, we saw her.  She was with a woman who worked at the aquarium and they were walking towards us.  I grab her and cried even more.  The very nice woman said Little Miss went up to her to tell her she was lost.  

I was so proud of her for not freaking out (like her mother) and looking for a person in a uniform and asking for help.  We thanked her and then I looked for the nearest bar.  

No, no, just kidding, but I did need to find a place to sit and calm down.  

Now here is the crazy thing.  This all went down in one minute.  Think about that for a moment – one minute.  Do you know what you can do in that small amount of time?

Stop now and look at the clock and time it. Did it take longer than you thought or fly by?  That one minute to DH and I felt like forever.  Our little girl was missing and there was plenty of time for someone to grab her and head out the door.  Honestly, I am teary while writing this.  

Now, she is fine and we enjoyed the rest of our vacation, but I cannot even imagine what the last week would of been like if the outcome were different.  Tonight, I will say an extra prayer for the scared and missing children and their parents.  I cannot think of anything worse to have happen to a family.

So tell me, are you a parent that never leaves your kids side or do you give them a little more freedom?  

On a good note, I ran today.  For those of you who may be new to my blog, I am working through an injury.  It felt so great to run and I am feeling pretty good.  I am determined to not let this get me down.  I will be better and on my way to 13.1 sooner rather than later.  I have to be, it keeps me sane.  

Till next time, 

Run strong, think big!

You can find Nicole's blog, Running While Mommy, here.

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Ryan Bate March 13, 2012 at 04:37 PM
Hey Nicole!!! Hope that you are doing well! We have not touched base in a while! Love your blog posts!! We would love to help you on your journey to 13.1!! We work with all fitness levels and can Provide Modifcations for anyone who needs them due to limitations or injuries!!! Check out our Schedule at www.SCBootCamp.com Ryan
Running While Mommy March 13, 2012 at 05:34 PM
Thanks Ryan! I will keep that in mind as it s something I think will be good for me as far as cross training goes. Right now, I am having trouble just standing straight and I start PT on Thursday for the next 6 to 8 weeks. When I get the ok to run again, and I put my training plan together, I will be in touch. Thanks for reading!


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