[VIDEO] R.I. Senate District 37 and 38 Forum

We have the full, hour-long video from the Senate District 37 and 38 forum on Wednesday night.

Couldn't make it out to hear the forum for candidates for Senate District 37 on Wednesday night?

Have no fear! Thanks to the League of Women Voters, we're able to provide a full copy of that forum, which featured all of the candidates for office. The video is attached to this story.

We'll be posting the South Kingstown Town Council forum from the same night, as well as the video from the future debates. And if you can't watch it on here for some reason, the forums are also being run back on both the Cox and Verizon cable systems.

So, pull up a chair and take part in the democratic process!

Note: The lone candidate for District 38, Dennis Algiere, could not attend because of a prior committee. Algiere is running unopposed for his seat.

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Katie October 14, 2012 at 05:51 AM
Spencer is a good man. He was right on in pointing out that Fox is a corrupt leader. No question about it. The system is BROKEN. Ms. Jackson is head and shoulders above Walsh. Walsh is the poster child for what a useless pol looks like... she votes Fox most of the time and is useless... retired teacher brags about this and that but is do-nothing. Also she needs to be voted out because she voted yes for 38 Studios and said she didn't know what it was... really Donna, you are bragging that you don't vote for bills when you don't read them but you voted for 38 Studios.
Govstench October 14, 2012 at 01:34 PM
I would challenge Rep. Dickinson's voting record.....he could have done much better with many issues. No question, Fox is a corrupt leader! Ms. Jackson has it all over Donna Walsh. Her voting record is right in line with the Speaker and contrary to her view of the position of 38 studios, she co-sponsored the bill and voted for it. She is another of the rubber-stamp pols that have driven this state into the fiscal mess it is in today.


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