Van Pelt Safe on 'Idol'

Erik Van Pelt made it through to the 12 on Thursday.

South Kingstown native Erika Van Pelt has advanced to the top 12 on Fox's "American Idol."

Although her redition of Whitney Huston's "I Believe In You And Me" gave judge Jennifer Lopez "goosies," Pelt struggled once again on the singing competition after voters left her in the bottom three female slot on Thursday's elimination round.

The show's host Ryan Seacrest delivered the good news after dangling Pelt over the edge, telling her she was safe and would sing again next week on the show's eleventh season.

"That's the tip of the iceberg, everybody," said Lopez after Pelt sang on Wednesday night.

"You have an amazing voice, and an unbelievable tone," agreed judge Randy Jackson, who has had his hand in Pelt's success thus far on the show. Pelt sold Jackson to make the top 13 as a wildcard.

In practices before the show voice coach Mary J. Blige, told Pelt her tone "was just amazing, oh my God it's like a steak and potatoes dinner."

All three judges continue to give Pelt rave reviews, but Pelt has struggled to push through in .

No theme has been announced yet for next week's show, but be sure to follow Pelt on her Official American Idol Facebook and Twitter pages and voice - or dial in - to show your support for Rhode Island's "idol."

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Robin G March 10, 2012 at 12:03 PM
As a local "band mom"...I am so happy for Erika! She really has a great voice and we're routing for her! Go Erika!


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