Robert Trager, Republican for R.I. House District 33

Robert Trager is running for a seat in the Rhode Island House of Representatives.

General Information

Name: Robert A. Trager
Date of birth: November 19, 1960
Place of residence: South Kingstown

Education - College

College: URI
Degree: B.S.E.E.
Year of graduation: 1986

Employment Information

Jobs held: I have worked as a commercial fisherman and in my family’s seafood business. After college, I worked at SAIC (Newport) as a field engineer in their Maritime Technology Division. Currently, I’m a self-employed contractor.

Political Information

Party affiliation: Republican
Running for position: Rhode Island House of Representatives District 33
Incumbent: No
Unsuccessful bids for elective offices:  South Kingstown Town Council in 2010

Personal Strengths

I love Rhode Island and I want to see it restored to the prominence it once enjoyed. I believe that I have the necessary energy and attitude to make a difference on Smith Hill. I have the willingness to listen to new ideas and cooperate with members of both parties. I have the thick skin necessary to survive the inevitable criticisms that come with difficult decisions. I have a technical background which makes me detail oriented. I believe that this will help me when analyzing the pros and cons of new legislation. And finally, I have no allegiances to party bosses, or special interest groups. I have my own voice, and I will not be a follower.

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