READER ROUNDUP: The Truth Will Stand

Check out what people are talking about around the state, and add your own two cents to the conversation in the comments section below.

Narragansett-South Kingstown: "Why is everyone so afraid of good oversight and transparency? The truth will stand in the end no matter how much emotion any of us want to wrap around an issue independent of how small." — LocalYokel, commenting on

Coventry: "In Coventry we need to change the mindset that next years new contract is a continuation of this ending contract. In the real world a contract has a shelf life with a start and end date. After the end date we start fresh. Get it??? A contract should not last for more years than you can guarantee the funding source within." — Coventry Voter, commenting on School Department Presentes 2013 Budget

Cranston: "I must say that though there are charter issues that need to be sorted out, there is now NO representation for Ward 4. As a Ward 4 resident it concerns me that with budget hearings, redistricting, and general business coming in the near term the residents of my ward how have no representation. The game of politics has a casualty here and it is the citizens of ward four." — Mike Farina, commenting on

East Greenwich: "Many other towns and cities are decreasing or leveling budgets, but the SC here in E.G. is asking for an increase? What is wrong here? Not everyone in this town is only here for a few years. The residents that remain here are always the ones picking up the tab. Stop the spending." —fixit4819, commenting on

Johnston: "Not only should it be used to improve public schools where needed, It should offset the cost of secondary education. The 20-something generation is already preparing to take the brunt of the blow from overspending and borrowing from the baby boomers, the last thing they need is to rack up tremendous student loan debt." — ok pal, commenting on

North Kingstown: "Time to get rid of the old NK cronies and bring in the new world order ... the kids are the future of this town ... NK attitude needs to change this was a step in the right direction." — NKfamilywithkids, commenting on

Woonsocket: "This supplemental bill will not work. Who will be able to pay it, just the residential home owners, businesses or landlords, if they all can even afford it? Most residents won’t be able to even pay up a supplemental car tax. People will be packing up and selling their properties to get out of this city. Woonsocket is no longer the nice French town it once was. Time to leave it." — Doctor, commenting on


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