READER ROUNDUP: 'He Should Resign Immediately'

See what your neighbors are talking about, and join in the conversation is neighboring towns.

Narrangansett: "Here is a state rep - someone who helps CREATE the laws that we all live by, and here he is BREAKING the law - in possession of an illegal drug. I think he should resign immediately. I don't want someone in power expecting me to obey the laws that our state politicians create, when he can't even follow the law himself." — Imzadi, commenting on Poll: Should Rep. Bob Watson Resign?

Coventry: Maybe he was visited by the political ghosts that are now haunting him because of his past discretions like Ebenezer Scrooge. Maybe his bucket list includes telling the truth about the corruption, back room deals, and political heavy handedness that has plagued Coventry for 25 years or so. Maybe he just woke up one day and said “Today and every day I’m going to make it right.” — Coventry Voter, commenting on Setting The Record Straight

Cranston: "Not only is Jessica correct in law, the law is there for a good reason." — Mary, commenting on As Committee Nears Appeal Decision, Banner Saga Reaches New York Times

East Greenwich: "Well, if that is what is in the existing contract that the SC agreed to, what's the problem? They should know that a deadline was written into the agreement and they apparently forgot about it. Isn't this the kind of thing that their attorney should be aware of? Why is it wrong for the union to assume based on the SC's lack of action that the contract will be extended for one more year?" — ELM, commenting on School Department Decries Union's Refusal To Negotiate

Johnston: "The smell from the landfill was NEVER this potent. Obviously there is "something" wrong. The company (companies) responsible need to work together to alleviate this serious health issue." — Anthony Ursillo, commenting on RIRRC Director Says Fewer Complaints; What Do You Think?

North Kingstown: "The taxes in NK compared to surrounding towns are out of line and cannot be maintained any longer. We can only have what we are willing to be taxed for. And many people seem perplexed by exactly what we're getting here that's worth 2 to 3 times the taxes that Jamestown residents pay and twice the taxes that Narragansett residents pay. Until that mystery can be unraveled no tax hiked will be approved, I think." Pam, commenting on Staff Reductions, Resturcturing Top List of Proposed Budget Slashes

South Kingstown: "Are these the same TC members who turned down a liquor store permit at the SC Commons because it would create competition for the existing liquor stores in town? Maybe they could see the forest if those darn trees weren't in the way." — Tim, commenting on Council Looks Toward SK's Future

Woonsocket: "Greed and the love of money have been destroying this great country for more than four decades. The hurray for me while I screw you attitude is what the free market is all about. In order to get back to an America where people care about one another would take the appearance of God or Jesus to change." — Maxin, commentin on Woonsocket Woman To Plead Guilty To Medicare Fraud


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