READER ROUNDUP: A Prayer For Health

Take a look at what readers are talking about around the state and join the conversation in the comments section below.

Narragansett-South Kingstown: "I Pray Lord that you would grant your daughter full restoration and more, that her limbs and whole body would function even better than before in the name of Jesus!" — Najla Singleton-McKinnon, commenting on

Coventry: "Yeah because that's exactly what I want my kid doing, spending more time online!! seriously people, think. Kids barely pay attention in regular classes do you really think they are going to retain any information from online classes?" — harry balzonya, commenting on

Cranston: "Hateful hypocritical "Christians" are the scum of the earth." — ELM, commenting on

East Greenwich: "Though they may have overreacted, it is a good thing the principal took this seriously and possibly averted an awful tragedy. If he had done nothing and a massacre took place then everyone would be upset that he did nothing!" — carolyn, commenting on

Johnston: "how come the people who get the most from the system have all the ideas to fix it for every body but themselves?" — sonny val, commenting on

North Kingstown: "Perhaps the school department should show more interest in working with the town council. The Superintendents speech (and misinformation) he gave at the town council meting the other night is a clear indication that getting more money to protect teacher and administrator compensation was his #1 priority." — NK_Voter, commenting on

Woonsocket: "Lowering or watering down the passing grade so kids can graduate is nothing to be proud of. It's one step up from the accepted practice of social promotions. Shameful and sad." — Chris12, commenting

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