He Said WHAT?!

Dan Quayle and Lincoln Chafee: Men who put us on the map. But are they things we want to be known for?

Okay, so by now the whole country is familiar with Chafee’s latest tomfoolery with the trees.  Rhode Island is back on the map!  But are “holiday trees” really something we want to be well-known for? 

Sidenote: Avoiding the politics of the topic, the rest of the country thinks we are worrying about completely unnecessary things when there are bigger fish to fry.  Whether or not it’s a Christmas tree or a holiday tree, is it more important than creating jobs? 

Rhode Island, the tiniest state in the country, the one no one can find on a map, is making it onto national news and late night talk shows.  Because of a debate over trees! 

If you want to call them holiday trees because the religious connotation offends you then go right ahead.  But while you’re at it, can you do something about Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny too?  They are also affiliated with a religious holiday.  The people who get gifts from them but don’t believe in the Christian aspects of the holiday might be offended.  Also, the Christians might be offended by having such superficial, materialistic characters attached to their holy days. 

Is there a win-win here?  Maybe Santa Claus can have his own name for the day he brings presents? 

I’m willing to take suggestions on the name for that day!

But I digress.  So much for avoiding politics.

The point is, Rhode Island made a name for itself-and not a way that should make us particularly proud. 

Indiana also has their own unfortunate notoriety thanks to former Vice President Dan Quayle.  If you don’t remember him, he was George Bush’s VP from 1989 to 1993.  Apparently he was also a U.S. Representative and U.S. Senator.  But I only know that because Wikipedia told me. 

What I do know about Dan Quayle is that he can’t spell potatoe.  Oops, I mean potato.  It makes you look pretty silly when you can’t even correctly host a sixth grade spelling bee and you’re one of the highest elected officials in the country.

The only president or vice president to ever come out of Indiana, and this is what he is best known for.  Am I supposed to laugh or cry?  If a guy with a college degree can’t spell potato and is that important in running our nation then what does that say for the rest of the state (and the country as well)?! 

But then again, Rick Santorum thought Africa was a country, and people are still willing to vote for him… 

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