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Scarborough South Closed to Swimming

Group Fighting for Public Access to RI Shoreline

The Rhode Island Shore Access Coalition is pushing for new legislation.

Credit: Rhode Island Shore Access Coalition
Credit: Rhode Island Shore Access Coalition
A local group is fighting to protect the public's access to the state's shoreline.

Rhode Island has about 400 miles of shoreline, and the Rhode Island Shore Access Coalition says the public's right to traverse the waterfront areas is being encroached on by "rampant shoreline development and the aggressive over-reaction of shorefront property owners to ... citizens' rights of way to the sea."

The state constitution allows the public access to the shoreline to fish, swim, and gather seaweed. The group is pushing for legislation that would protect those rights.

Such legislation has been opposed by the real-estate industry, according to the Providence Journal.

Do you agree with the public's right to access the shoreline? Share your opinion in the comments.


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