Gansett Council Approves Miller Termination Pact

In a marathon meeting, the Narragansett Town Council is pilloried by residents before finally formally accepting a termination agreement for Grady Miller.

An exhausting, three-hour plus meeting for Narragansett Town Council members and the public on Thursday night finally culminated with the end of Grady Miller as town manager, and Police Chief Dean Hoxsie taking over for now.

Ultimately, the council voted 4-1 to accept a termination agreement negotiated with Miller during executive session. Councilors Glenna Hagopian, David Crook, Alisa Trainor Fleet and Christopher Wilkens voted to accept the termination agreement, with councilor Susan Cicilline-Buonanno voting against.

Wilkens noted that he was voting for the agreement under duress.

“If we don’t agree to these terms, it’s clear he’ll just be fired,” Wilkens said.

Throughout Thursday’s meeting, it was established that a three-person majority – Hagopian, Crook and Fleet – existed to fire Miller. Hagopian spoke at length defending her decision, although her reasons were attacked by most of the residents attending.

“After the May 21 meeting, I approached Grady Miller, having been very frustrated with the meeting, and asked the town solicitor to accompany me,” she said. “I told him [Miller] personally that I didn’t find his leadership effective, and I asked him to resign.”

Hagopian said she had problems with Miller’s budget work, citing .

Bringing up the $3,000 to the NRPA, Hagopian said, “There are several recent transactions, the most visible being the Narrow River transaction…”

However, she was cutoff in midsentence by boos.

Hagopian also cited a quote from Miller in an article in The South County Independent, in which he noted that government budgeting wasn’t always black and white, and the council gave him authority as manager to shift funds accordingly.

“This statement represents a factual inconsistency,” she said.

She added, “While it may have appeared from information that I’ve exposed that I have some axe to grind with Grady, that is not the case … Every action I’ve taken since being elected has been for the Town of Narragansett.”

Fleet was limited in her remarks, instead reading from a short statement, which she provided to reporters during an intermission. The statement read:

Out of respect to Mr. Millers [sic] wishes I will keep this brief. I am aware that he has been involved with many boards and committees. I appreciate his personality. For me it is about leadership and Grady is simply not a leader. The state of moral[e] is awful and the day to day operation of a good working environment has been ignored. I appreciate the calls and e mails and have considered all. I think and speak for myself and I am no one’s puppet. My personality, for those who know me, truly speak for itself. That said, I wish Mr. Miller well.

Later in the meeting, Fleet also added that she met several times with Miller in his office and wasn’t happy afterward.

“You’re asking me to explain to you why I came to this agreement,” she said. “The things I discussed with him in his office, none of them came to fruition, and that bothers me.”

Crook only made a single statement the entire night.

“I think Grady Miller has made his own decision, I agree with it, and I wish him good luck.”

In response, an audience member yelled out, “Did Grady decide to fire himself?”

Cicilline-Buonano was the most passionate councilor in defense of Miller, and introduced several motions to preserve his position, which were defeated 3-2.

Cicilline-Buonano criticized the council, directing her remarks at the three-member majority, for a lack of communication in general.

“I’m not sure if I’m going to come back,” she said, referring to the November elections. “I think [the lack of communication] existed before Grady, and it’ll exist after Grady.”

Wilkens also offered his support for Miller, speaking contritely toward the end of the meeting.

“I do apologize, Grady, for how you’ve been handled in this town,” he said. “You’ve become a friend to me over the past couple years.”

Miller read from a statement toward the end of the open forum.

“I’m really moved by what I’ve heard from the residents here tonight,” he said. “We have an incredible staff. I couldn’t have asked for better employees that we have in the organization. We have a great senior management team.”

He added, “The council and I had some very honest discussions in executive session, and we both thought it was regrettable that things didn’t work out differently.”

Elected and Appointed Official Response

Miller drew strong support from several other elected and appointed town officials, and the council got especially sharp criticism from School Committee chairwoman Tammy McNeiece.

“This can’t be over a $3,000 expenditure in a $50 million budget,” she said. “I think we desire to know why we’re really here.”

Referencing the crowd of 100-plus, as compared to the usual population of about 20, she added, “When there’s clearly a roomful of people who feel very strongly that this is not the right decision, I don’t know how you can’t listen to the people who elected you. It’s clear what the people want.”

In response to McNeiece’s request for a reason for Miller’s dismissal, Hagopian also cited low morale among workers, pending union grievances, and Miller’s own admission that the job was challenging.

“I can see why he thinks it’s challenging, he has town council members trying to micromanage what he’s trying to do,” McNeiece said. “He has people in town hall trying to grasp at straws of evidence.”

McNeiece also had a pointed jab at Crook.

“David, I know you’re going to vote however Glenna tells you how to vote,” she said.

Crook did not comment on or acknowledge her remark.

School Committee member Frank White also offered his support for Miller.

“Grady Miller is a breath of fresh air, and he has all my admiration,” White said. “I have no complaints about Grady Miller.”

Meg Rogers, the chairwoman of the Narragansett Republican Committee, could not attend the full meeting but provided a statement that was read by Town Solicitor Mark McSally.

“A hostile work environment has been created for Mr. Miller in town hall by the actions of some of the members of the town council,” she said. “He is a departure from the in-house, good old boy network that has thrived for generations in our town.”

Audience Response

Audience reaction to the agreement was bitterly negative, with only one person – Mary McCaffrey, – speaking in favor of Miller’s dismissal.

“The only experience I’ve had with the town manager was with that [Oyster Road],” she said. “It was horrifying to think that was how our town government or our town officials treat us.”

She added that by firing Miller, “I absolutely respect all of you on the board.”

All of the other remarks made by the public in the two-plus hours of open forum were in support of Miller.

Former University of Rhode Island accounting professor Richard Vangermeersch apologized to Miller.

“Where does this leave the town? The answer is nowhere. The town council cannot manage this town, and will not allow any professional manager to do so.”

He added, “Grady, you deserve better than this, and I apologize for my request of a professional manager, who is obviously being thrown tonight to the lions, or the wolves.”

One resident said, “There isn’t any hope that what we say will change your minds, yet you represent us.”

“I think we’ve made a huge mistake in what we’ve come up with for a decision,” Gerald Reynolds said.

A real estate agent told the council, “I called him [Miller] when he was living in Arizona and tried to sell him a house, but he wanted to rent, and now I see why.”

He added, “When we replace these council members, could we simply hire him back?”

Another resident asked what provisions there were for impeachment of elected officials in the charter. McSally said there is nothing in the town charter allowing for impeachment by residents.

Financial Implications

According to McSally, the agreement allows Miller to use all of his accrued vacation and sick time, which would last until about September. This would then be followed by seven months severance, putting the town’s payout to Miller until about April 2013.

Miller will also receive all of his existing benefits in this time frame. Both Miller and the town are bound by a non-disparagement clause, which is typical for termination agreements between management and town government bodies.

According to the FY 2013 budget booklet, Miller made about $150,000 per year, and his salary is accounted for in FY 2013. This would put the additional cost for the town at anywhere from $137,500 (assuming a full-time manager was hired immediately) to $0 (assuming no manager is hired until April 2013).

Additional expenses would include the job search for a new manager, and the increased salary or stipend for an interim manager.

Closed vs. Open Session

Procedurally, the council met privately in executive session with Miller to discuss his job performance, then came back into open forum to hear from the public and to cast the vote.

The council started the meeting by voting about whether to formally have a meeting. This motion passed by a 3-2 vote (Hagopian, Crook and Fleet for).

The council then took comments about going into executive session to talk about Miller’s job performance. Hagopian noted that Miller did request a closed session.

“We have to respect the wishes of the town manager, who requested a review in a closed executive session,” she said.

Miller confirmed this.

“I did consider [an open session], but in light of the way the agenda is composed I think it makes sense to have an executive session in order to have some meaningful dialogue with the council,” he said.

However, most residents in attendance angrily criticized the decision.

One man asked, “Don’t you think the taxpayers should know the reasons why you’re doing this and not just hold a kangaroo court?”

Another person shouted, “What are you running from? What are you hiding from?”

Following their return from executive session, the council voted to seal the minutes, again by a 3-2 vote.

Chain of Command Falls to Dean Hoxsie

Citing provisions in the town charter, McSally said Police Chief Dean Hoxsie could serve at acting town manager, limited to a term of “15 to 16 days.”

McSally noted that when the town manager is out of town, by charter the police chief fills in. Given the situation, he said that was a workable solution for now.

“It’s a placeholder, you need to take action at some point obviously,” he said.

Cicilline-Buonanno said she thought it was inappropriate to talk about an interim town manager on Thursday night.

“At this point, I’m sad for the town, I don’t really know where we’re going,” she said. “I don’t even think it should be discussed tonight.”

McSally and Town Clerk Anne Irons indicated that it would be hard to get proper notification and advertising for an interim town manager on the agenda for the next council meeting on Monday, June 4.

The council agreed to discuss an interim town manager at a future meeting after June 4, and most likely on June 18.

Election Coming in November

A common theme throughout comments from the public was that the council would pay come November elections. In 2010, Crook was the fifth councilor elected, by just 163 votes more than Douglas McLaughlin. Fleet came in fourth place, with about 80 more votes than Crook.

If anyone managed to take advantage of Thursday’s meeting, it might have been the ninth place finisher in 2010, Chris Laccinole. He grabbed the attention of the crowd with a defense of Miller.

“I’d like to ask all of you, when’s the last time you saw 150 people attend a meeting?” he said. “It was probably the economic development forum, which you [Hagopian] didn’t attend.”

Laccinole specifically asked the council to postpone any full-time hire for town manager after the November elections.

“Whether or not you like it, it’s been perceived by the town employees that you didn’t support him, and that’s created a culture of insubordination,” Laccinole said. “What professional do you think wants to walk into the quagmire you’ve created here?”

McNeiece also lurks in the background, if she chose to run for council. In 2010, she was the leading candidate among school and town council candidates, capturing 3,818 votes – about 800 more than Hagopian, the leading vote-getter for council.

Cheryl Butler June 01, 2012 at 12:47 PM
Great coverage, Stephen!!!!
Tom Antoske CPA June 01, 2012 at 01:09 PM
How can council woman Trainor-Fleet vote to remove an educated town manager when she cannot control her own financial affairs (see article in the Independent). She should have resigned her position then and abstained from this vote. Let's try again voters, time for an entirely new town council. Tom Antoske CPA
Eric Menke June 01, 2012 at 01:25 PM
How many of our tax dollars did the self-described fiscal conservatives on the town council spend to hire Mr. Miller, how much will they spend to separate from him and how much will they spend to hire his replacement (whoever that poor, unfortunate and unsuspecting fool may be)? What a collection of self-important, petty dopes.
Jack June 01, 2012 at 05:10 PM
After the way Mr. Miller's ouster was staged, the only decent thing for the three Town Council members who orchestrated it behind the scenes is to resign and fade into a faint inauspicious memory. Isn't it nobler to resign, and be thought of as fools, then to face November elections and remove all doubt?
hockeyandlaxmom June 01, 2012 at 08:19 PM
Its time for a new day and a new direction- It is obivous that November cannot come soon enough!
Dan June 01, 2012 at 09:08 PM
I found it inconcievable that Glenna Hagopian decided to go ask for Grady's resignation without notifying any of the other four council members (Susan actually stated that she read it in the newspaper). Who the hell Glenna think she is? She consistently said "I personally thought" or "I personally didn't like" while trying to come up with excuses to justify running Grady out of town. On one hand I am so embarrased that she represents me but on the other hand she clearly doesn't think that she represents the residents because she is focused on her own agenda. I have never been more interested in and anxious for my town's election before. Thank you Glenna for getting so many residents involved last night; guess what your reward will be!
Steve June 01, 2012 at 10:48 PM
As I stood in the town hall meeting regarding Mr. Millers resignation the crowd was an interesting study. 60% of those in attendance were obviously Grady Miller supporters who were quiet vocal. The other 40% were mostly town employees with quiet different body language. Not one, not even one employee got up and spoke on Grady Millers behalf nor did they applaud when the other 60% did. This was very telling. What wasn’t said in the town hall room spoke much louder than any of the vocalists in attendance. It is quite obvious the Mr. Miller is a master at public relations and a catastrophic failure as a leader. Maybe, just maybe a parting of the ways with Mr. Miller was the correct call. Possibly he should have paid more attention to his leadership responsibilities and less time pandering to the special interest. The council was bound by agreement not to make disclosures the town employees were not.
Joan Mulligan June 01, 2012 at 11:14 PM
Steve, That is an interesting conclusion. How about this one? All those employess had to report to work today under they eyes of the Town Council. Watching how quickly another Town employee could be terminated, perhaps they were afraid to react. What would be the benefit to them to ride a dead horse? No upside and possibly a huge downside.
GansettGirl June 02, 2012 at 01:00 AM
Grady Miller hosted a public workshop for the parking issue on Narragansett Avenue. Under his command and specific direction he implemented his new parking ordinance. The police cited violators according to the ordinance. Little did they know, the Manager, Mr. Miller, circumvented his own ordinance after it was instituted and issued parking passes to three people who did not qualify. Those same three people were cited (with good cause) by the police for violating the ordinance. The police were unaware the Mr. Miller had circumvented the process unilaterally. Once again Grady Miller throws his subordinates, the fine men and women of the Narragansett Police Department, under the bus. Was this to take care of the parking woes of his good buddy Harry Schofield? It appears that way. Subsequently, the town has been sued by the same recipients of Grady’s special favors. Nice job Mr. Miller. Just another example of his cronyism and the cost involved.
Anne Richardson June 02, 2012 at 01:20 AM
Agree. This is pathetic and embarrassing. If this is what it takes to motivate good people to step up to run Narragansett, it is worth it. How do we identify them?
Stuart June 02, 2012 at 04:23 AM
I don’t know Grady at all, but have been surprised by all the emotion around these events. As a taxpayer, I have followed and considered the sequence of events and have a few observations.First, I have to believe that the town council, which appears to be very involved, has access to information we don’t have. Second, I don’t know about the rest of them, but Hagopian seems to at least have the credentials to sort through the BS. At a minimum, best I can tell, she is the reason why we are not dealing with tax hikes like Woonsocket was contending with. Left to the others, I’m not sure what situation we’d be in. I don’t know any of these people, but would encourage all of you - don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater…..the Town now seems to be taking its financial situation more seriously. I’ve been here 15 years and have never seen more diligence around getting the budget right – given the situation other towns are in, isn’t this the highest priority? To someone who doesn’t attend these meeting as frequently as you all apparently do, the comments here feel far more political than the fact based information that the town council has been willing and legally able to share.Fully appreciate I will inspire much disagreement, but just trying to look objectively at something, as an average taxpayer in the town who cares more about how much it costs to live here and what I get for what I pay than the seemingly emotional concerns of the posters here.
Celia June 02, 2012 at 04:54 AM
Hey Gansett Girl... why not be honest and just let us know that you are a Democrat, a union-hack Democrat who is the beneficiary of a family member on a pension... for life at the expense of the taxpayer. You have an ax to grind with Grady over the parking issues on Narragansett ave... if you hate living there, move out. We're tired of your phony outrage...
Celia June 02, 2012 at 04:59 AM
Mr. Miller is a decent, hard-working guy who was abused by Ms. "Hag"opian and her stooges on our Council. It is a very difficult thing to watch play out. No doubt he "had the number" of the do-nothings in the Town Hall and was poised to have a few heads roll... I'm so sick of someone's nephew, uncle, sister or friend get a job in the Town Hall. We need to stop the in-breeding. How the hell have Susan and Chris put up with this is beyond me? Laccinole, by the way, is NOT the kind of guy we want to elect... he is a smug, self-serving hard-core green weenie who wanted to build windmills all over the Town of Narragansett. I fear no decent, smart person would even consider running for our Council. We are in deep trouble. By the way, when did Dave Crook lose all his independence and become a waterboy for Ms. "Hag"opian? He is a disgrace...
Celia June 02, 2012 at 05:00 AM
By the way Gansett GIrl, I hear most of your neighbors on Narragansett Avenue feel similarly... just sick of the whining.
One man's opinion June 02, 2012 at 02:01 PM
Grady wins....Town loses again. Gansett must move away from it's small town mentality and self serving town counsel. For once you had a qualified/proven outsider that could differenciate between ego and reality and you kicked him to the curb. Congrats to all who contributed to Grady's demise.
Gloria J June 02, 2012 at 02:17 PM
A retired Police Chief applied for a job. At his first meeting with town manager Miller, as an applicant, Mr. Miller advised the guy that he may not be a fit for the Parks job. Miller then asked him if he wanted to be the police chief. The man declined and left the meeting. Later, the man related that in his entire professional career he had never witnessed such utter disrespect. Little did Mr. Miller know that the applicant and the police chief are friends. The man’s disgust was not about Millers comment of not being a fit for the Parks job; rather it was about Manger Millers disrespect for his subordinate and police chief to a stranger. Councilwomen Cicilline recently perpetuated a rumor and has continued to fan the flames that the applicant, a friend of the Hagopian’s, was to be the new town manager. To dispel any rumors she may have conjured up, the applicant has no interest. He simply applied for the Parks job and is delighted that his friend Steve Wright was hired. Ms. Cicillines behavior, culminating with her side show Thursday night was absolutely disgraceful. It was simply a classless cheerleading exhibition from her council seat. Do you actually wonder why you had a problem with morale and an inability to lead Mr. Miller? Seriously!
Ann Doyle June 02, 2012 at 07:51 PM
I find the actions of Narragansett Town Council members Hogopian, Trainor-Fleet and Crook reprehensible as they relate to the firing of Grady Miller. They find no need to explain their actions to fellow council members let alone the residents of Narragansett. The monies spent on this premature dismissal certianly surpass the $3000.00 allocation to the Narrow River Preservation Association by Miller. Council members Cicillini-Buonanno and Wilkins, please stick with us.
Donald June 02, 2012 at 07:55 PM
I would have to agree with Stuart’s posting. We could rely on Cicilline for financial guidance at the probable risk we may end up like Providence. Alternatively, we could capitalize on our outstanding fortune of having sound financial guidance from Hagopian. For me, I prefer the latter. For those who disagree, replace her in November and remove all doubt.
My Opinion June 02, 2012 at 07:57 PM
We are bound, by law, to pay taxes and in the event that they are late we are assessed a late penalty fee, commonly known as interest. With that understood a few questions come to mind. 1. Did Councilman Chris Wilkins have penalty/interest fees waived as a result of failure to pay taxes in a timely manner? 2. Did Town Manager Miller order that the penalty/interest fees for the delinquent payments of Wilkins be waived? 3. Was the law broken by the waiver of the delinquent fees owed to the town? 4. As tax payers, should we have this council member as an overseer of the process, which among other things has a great deal to do with town finances? We might be better off contacting Bernie Maddoff at his new digs with hopes that he provide sound investment advice. The council member enjoys the luxury (over 1 million dollars worth of property) of residing a stone’s throw away from the water yet is also challenged to meet his tax obligations to the town assuming the answers to the above questions are affirmed. What a disgrace, if so. One final question, who pays for this? Mr. Miller, not quite, seems the expense is doled out to the taxpayers to include those geniuses on this forum who pay taxes that are defending Mr. Miller.
Debbie June 02, 2012 at 09:01 PM
To Joan: The town manager is not a union position and thus, can be fired by the Town Council at whim. Town employees are unionized. Big difference. Mr. Miller did not have much experience dealing with union workers and respecting union and contractural agreements.
Diana Knowles June 02, 2012 at 10:02 PM
Donald wrote: "capitalize on our outstanding fortune of having sound financial guidance from Hagopian." Hmmm... maybe this is from Don Goodrich, the mole in our Town Hall, who worked w/Glenna to push the Town Manager aside. As to the "outstanding fortune" -- really, the town has an unfunded OPEB of over $83 million dollars. Glenna wanted to toss $200k into this black hole is like tossing a grain of sand into the ocean... ridiculous.... of no impact. Glenna *capitalize on our outstanding fortune of having sound financial guidance from Hagopian. Under her tutelage, the Town of Narragansett promoted many in the fire dept... all with compounded colas and pensions for life ... at taxpayer expense. They have given away the store in these union contracts for years...Watch out for Ms. McNeice... she played this beatifully ... she knows full well sentiment in the room Thursday night was pro-Grady so she jumped in and became the sympathetic advocate for Grady so we will all think she's just swell and then we will have another schoolteacher writing the contracts for our public employees... WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE PLEASE.
Donald June 02, 2012 at 10:49 PM
I am not employed by municipal government, rather I am a business owner in the private sector. I am in the field of investments. I followed the fire settlement very closely and, Ms. Hagopian and Mr. Wilkins voted against the contract. Confirmation of a 3-2 vote can be made through the town clerk at the town hall through review of the minutes. I, unlike you, rely on facts and data, not supposition or innuendo. My experience renders me capable of passing judgment on those who oversee budgeting and investing activity. Your myopic views are not surprising, although I agree with you somewhat on your view of the McNeice gal.
John F June 03, 2012 at 03:13 PM
Glenna Hagopian is a brilliant financial strategist and outstanding leader. In the financial institution where she works she has earned a stellar reputation from her subordinates, colleagues and superiors. As a corporate executive she oversees a budget for a global firm involving billions. She is not challenged in the oversight of a small 50 million dollar budget and I can assure the she can easily identify issues with management. I say this with a great degree of certainty. I am a resident of Narragansett, and I worked within her organization for a while but have since moved on. I, too am an executive at another bank which competes with her company. There are obvious management issues with the town manager. If Ms. Hagopian wasn’t focused on the needs of taxpayers in Narragansett, she could have ignored the town manager’s misconduct and simply resigned from her position. She clearly doesn’t NEED the job. We would then certainly be left in hopeless financial mess.
Donald June 03, 2012 at 03:44 PM
John is correct. Over the past 24 months Mr. Miller has lobbied for floating bonds at taxpayer expense that are inconceivable. Rewind and recall Mr. Miller’s support for a $12 mil bond for an elaborate beach facility for Wilkens and Cicilline, $17 mil for repaving roads, $20 mil bond to fund pension liability and $2 to $3 mil for a heated public works building for vehicle storage. We would have been on the hook to repay approximately $52 mil at the whims of Miller. As a result of decades of mismanaging the pension system our community has an $80 mil unfunded pension liability. Miller, wanted to ring up a bill of another $52 mil in just 2 years. If it were not for the oversight of a council member who was able to identify the reckless mismanagement, where might we be? $52 mil - close to the $75 mil that the State just got taken for by Curt Schilling. It appears that the taxpayers have been blessed by the rigor of Ms. Hagopian.
Big R June 03, 2012 at 07:58 PM
Have we forgotten $50G's for renovating the Town Hall break room and upping the amount the TM can spend without the Council input ten fold. Yikes a formula for disaster.
Jake June 03, 2012 at 09:59 PM
John F... and all others who write those stellar assessments of Ms. Hagopian... you're not kidding anyone.. we all know that you are a "poser." Yes. It's a well-known fact that Ms. Hagopian's husband trolls around the pages of the Patch to write favorably for his wife... guess what: we're on to this foolishness... Glenna did WRONG ... as a person and as a Council President... AU REVOIR.
John F June 03, 2012 at 11:29 PM
Jake, may be the case, but not in this instance. Sorry to disappoint. Also not clear why such a thing would be necessary. JMHO.
jim swallow June 07, 2012 at 02:46 PM
Sorry, I'm just a casual observer on the sidelines, albeit a town resident and taxpayer. I don't know any of the players personally, but tend to judge people by what they do rather than what they say. Glenna Hagopian is very practically constrained by legal, and ethical, boundaries in what she can say and do in this situation. She is professional, and although it would be easier for her to be absolutely frank and open about all of the details of the town manager's performance and actions (since it would more directly explain what is transpiring), this is not possible. She has nothing to gain personally by a change in the administrative leadership of Narragansett, and we are fortunate to have her give her time and energy to the town. This town has serious financial issues. We will not solve these with gradual, incremental steps. While it may involve some near-term pain, significant changes in how we operate are desperately needed, and a manager who can perform under that framework is required. I concede that Mr. Miller is a good and honorable man, by all accounts a fine administrator. If the council feels that different leadership at the Town Hall will allow them to bring the change we need to the town's operations, we must give them that prerogative. I wish Mr. Miller the best and thank him for his efforts on behalf of the town. The Town Council has enormous challenges, and needs to be given flexibility to address those as they see fit.
My Opinion June 09, 2012 at 05:53 PM
Lies, deception and bogus invoices for special people all exposed. The truth is surfacing. Read the Narragansett Times 06/08/12 letter to the editor from Patrick Brady LA. Brady must have intimate knowledge of what transpired as he once worked closely with all the players. Mr. Brady collaborated with these groups along with Town Manager Miller on the Cononchet Farm Master Plan. He is an honest man who has the courage to expose the truth. TM Miller should have been fired rather than extended to courtesy to resign. Wilkins and Cicilline –Buonnano sentry’s of the process, what a disgusting thought. How much did they know and why the cover-up? Thank god all were not sleeping at the wheel.
I'm Tired of the Games June 10, 2012 at 04:45 PM
At this point the ship has sailed! What is more important is where is the Council heading now? An insider? A national search? If "my opinion" is right than there is a much bigger systemic problem. Purchasing Agent, Finance Director, and Senior Management Team members must all be checked out or replaced. First out the door should be the incompetent HR person who has a plum job for big bucks while screwing up to the tune of $30K a year for 2 years on the life insurance fiasco. That plum job was created for Ceasrine who wasn't going to have an executive secretary as town manager and now we have an executive secretary AND the HR person with no Town Manager. Somebody was on the wink, wink, nod, nod path when the HR person was hired and remains bulletproof no matter how incompetent they are. Who is going to be the TM until a permenant replacement is found? We've seen Mulligan, Killoran, Martin, Schiedel, Isso, Hancock, Matarese, Ceasrine, and now Miller all come and go (I may have missed one along the line!). We certainly don't need more go along people who distort budgets while not funding pensions, capital projects, etc.


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