Woman Pleads to Swiping Gansett Wedding Ring

Cheri Joslin, 36, is ordered to pay about $8,200 in restitution for stolen jewelry from a Narragansett home.

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Cheri Joslin, 36, of 22 Fiume St., West Warwick, pleaded no contest on Jan. 30 to a Narragansett police felony charge of larceny.

Joslin was ordered to pay $8,200 in restitution and $450 in assessments, and to serve three years probation and a three-year suspended sentence.

Based on online records, Joslin also pleaded on Jan. 30 to a Cranston police felony charge of attempting breaking and entering. She was ordered to serve two years of probation and a two-year suspended sentence, which would run concurrent with the plea to her Narragansett charge.

According to Narragansett police reports included in court files, in July 2012 they received a report of a wedding band, gold earrings and a gold necklace stolen from a home on Wandsworth Street.

The victim estimated the wedding band’s value at about $7,500, based on a recent appraisal, and the other items at about $700. Police said that the victim suspected Joslin because she had visited the home the previous day.

According to police, based on interviews Joslin was alone in the home and had opportunity to take the goods. Police said Joslin initially denied being inside the home in an interview in July, but in August, she said she had been in the home, at which point she was charged with the thefts.

Police said that based on interviews, they believed that Joslin pawned the jewelry in order to support a heroin and prescription pill habit. Police noted that shortly after being accused of the theft, Joslin spent about a month outside Rhode Island, making the recovery of the jewelry impossible.

According to online records, Joslin has three  previous arrests:

  • In February 2012, Joslin pleaded no contest to a Warwick police charge of receiving stolen goods. She was ordered to serve a year of probation and to pay restitution.
  • Also in February 2012, Joslin pleaded no contest to a West Warwick police charge of larceny. She was ordered to serve a year of probation and a year-long suspended sentence, and to complete 30 hours of community service, substance abuse counseling and a mental health program.
  • In December 2011, Joslin pleaded no contest to Warwick police misdemeanor charges of receiving stolen goods, shoplifting and obtaining money under false pretenses. She was ordered to serve a year of probation and a year-long suspended sentence, to pay restitution and to complete substance abuse counseling and 30 hours of community service.

Following various probation violations in 2012, she was ordered to serve 60 days at the ACI.

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