Upcoming Felony Cases: November 26, 2012

A look ahead at the felony court cases with local interest.

Unless otherwise noted, files at Washington County Superior Court contain the information about the following court cases. You can review them at the McGrath Judicial Complex.

The following chart is a list of cases we’re monitoring, either because they involve people from a Patch town, or because they involve a police department from a Patch town. Generally, we remove a case from the list if there is no new court date schedule after a month, or if the case has been resolved - either a dismissal, a plea or a trial. 

If we’re missing a case you’re interested in knowing about, feel free to leave a comment or to send Local Editor Stephen Greenwell a message at Stephen.greenwell@patch.com. We typically write up the summaries once a case has been resolved, although there can be a time lag depending on the individual case.

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Name DOB / Age Department Lead Charge Case Number Next Hearing Event Maurice C. Augustine x/x/90 RISP Hope Valley Felony drug possession w2-2012-0200a 06/25/12 warrant issued Kevin Jerome 5/21/90 RISP Hope Valley Felony drug possession w2-2012-0223a 08/06/12 warrant issued Maureen Rondeau 6/22/69 North Kingstown Embezzlement > $100 w2-2012-0097a 08/29/12 warrant issued Stephanie Dawn Sousa 21 South Kingstown Felony drug possession X 3 42-2012-02316 10/17/12 warrant issued Anthony J. Lovechio 18 South Kingstown Larceny > $1,500 42-2012-02863 11/09/12 felony screening Jeffrey M. Jordan 56 Narragansett Carry weapon under the influence 41-2012-02517 11/13/12 felony screening Joao Pacheco 20 Narragansett Felony breaking + entering 42-2012-03166 11/13/12 felony screening Jared Wine 11/6/87 Narragansett Felony drug distribution w2-2012-0227a 11/26/12 status conference Luke Rathbone 22 Narragansett Felony drug distribution W2-2012-0391B 11/26/12 arraignment Melissa Clark 43 South Kingstown Forgery and counterfeiting W2-2012-0125A 11/26/12 status conference Scott Saypol 21 Narragansett Felony drug distribution W2-2012-0391A 11/26/12 arraignment Dean C. Philbrick 6/24/65 South Kingstown DWI - death resulting W1-2012-0182A 11/27/12 motion to supress Luis Rosa 5/19/93 North Kingstown Driving without consent of owner w2-2012-0170a 11/27/12 pre-trial Patrick T. McDonald x RISP Detectives Embezzlement > $100 K2-2011-0798A 11/27/12 pre-trial Brandon A. Harnois 4/13/90 RISP Hope Valley Embezzlement > $100 w2-2012-0204a 11/28/12 bail hearing Keith W. Mongillo 34 North Kingstown Violating NCO (3rd offense) W2-2012-0185A 11/28/12 bail hearing Adam Cafferty 9/29/89 South Kingstown Felony domestic assault w2-2012-0183a 11/29/12 trial calendar call Kelly Anne Sherman 12/19/86 North Kingstown Felony assault w2-2012-0188a 11/30/12 pre-trial Alexander G. Brown 21 South Kingstown Felony drug distribution X 3 W2-2012-0397A 12/03/12 arraignment Jacob M. McDonald 21 South Kingstown Felony assault W2-2012-0355A 12/03/12 pre-trial Joseph Bianco III 23 South Kingstown Felony breaking + entering W2-2012-0317A 12/03/12 pre-trial Sherry A. Duclos 54 Narragansett Felony drug possession W2-2012-0343A 12/03/12 pre-trial Zachary Kahan 23 South Kingstown DWI - death resulting W2-2012-0400A 12/03/12 arraignment Robert Eaton 61 North Kingstown Felony child molestation X 15 W1-2012-0327A 12/04/12 pre-trial Blake R. Hinds 19 Narragansett Felony breaking + entering 42-2012-03182 12/06/12 felony screening Daniel Giblin 6/13/86 South Kingstown Possession of marijuana (appeal) w3-2012-0278a 12/06/12 review James W. Christodal xxx South Kingstown Felony drug distribution w2-2012-0255a 12/06/12 arraignment Monique Irwin 6/12/84 North Kingstown Domestic felony assault w2-2012-0048a 12/06/12 pre-trial Tanya McGinn 40 RISP Wickford Embezzlement > $1500 W2-2012-0320A 12/10/12 pre-trial Howard Courtemanche 2/12/85 South Kingstown Felony drug distribution w2-2012-0133a 12/11/12 pre-trial Sarah Loranger 2/19/81 Narragansett Accessing computer for fraud w2-2012-0184a 12/11/12 pre-trial Jonathan Holton 20 URI PD Video voyeurism X 2 W2-2012-0175A 12/11/12 pre-trial Kevin L. White 49 South Kingstown Felony drug distribution 42-2012-03031 12/11/12 felony screening Michael Bood 26 South Kingstown Felony drunken driving 42-2012-03111 12/11/12 felony screening Neil Exumn Britto 42 South Kingstown Felony larceny (car) W2-2012-0301A 12/11/12 pre-trial William Andrade 23 South Kingstown Felony drug distribution 42-2012-03030 12/11/12 felony screening Cole W. Nayman x/x/91 South Kingstown Felony drug possession W2-2011-0384A 12/13/12 pre-trial Tyler A. Casey 20 South Kingstown Felony drug possession 42-2012-03164 12/14/12 felony screening Cheri Lynne Joslin 35 Narragansett Felony larceny W2-2012-0374A 12/17/12 pre-trial David M. Cihat 41 South Kingstown DWI - third offense W2-2012-0256A 12/17/12 pre-trial Alexander Mansi 19 Narragansett Felony breaking + entering 42-2012-03184 12/18/12 felony screening Charles Henry Kenner 18 South Kingstown First degree child molestation W1-2012-0298A 12/18/12 bail hearing Matthew Andrade 24 Narragansett Felony breaking + entering 42-2012-03165 12/18/12 felony screening Dylan Campagna 20 Narragansett Felony drug distribution W2-2012-0391C 01/07/13 arraignment Leonard J. Brandon 21 Narragansett Felony drug possession W2-2012-0372A 01/07/13 arraignment Mario Estrela 18 East Providence Felony breaking + entering 62-2012-13700 01/07/13 pre-arraignment Miles T. Daileader 19 Narragansett Driving without consent of owner W2-2012-0387A 01/07/13 arraignment Roland Bachand 1/9/42 North Kingstown Second degree child molestation w1-2011-0242a 01/09/13 pre-trial Harold L. Weeden 1/17/66 South Kingstown Domestic felony assault w2-2012-0116a 01/24/13 pre-trial Harold L. Weeden 1/17/66 South Kingstown Domestic felony assault w2-2012-0118a 01/24/13 pre-trial Harold L. Weeden 1/17/66 South Kingstown Felony drug possession w2-2012-0117a 01/24/13 trial date certain Keith W. Mongillo 34 Cranston Violating NCO (felony) P2-2012-2641ADV 02/04/13 pre-trial Jesse Ellinwood 8/28/79 RISP Hope Valley Assault on person > 60 w2-2012-0037a 02/18/13 trial date Breck Lucas Holdredge 3/16/88 North Kingstown Domestic - third offense W2-2012-0167A 03/27/13 trial calendar call


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