SK Police: 'Reckless' in a Prius; Debt Collection Gone Wrong

Charges are based on reports form the South Kingstown Police Department. An arrest does not indicate a conviction.

South Kingstown Police Department. Patch file photo.
South Kingstown Police Department. Patch file photo.

The South Kingstown Police Department made the following arrests:

Kevin L. White, 50, of 248 Holly Road, was charged with assault after he allegedly punched a woman at her home while his son was attempting to collect a debt from a man in the house.

The victim reported that there was a knock on her back door just after 8 p.m. on Dec. 27. There she found a young man asking to speak with her son about some money that was owed. The victim asked him to come back later and he agreed, only to knock again 10 minutes later and ask to be let in. The victim’s son met the visitor outside while his startled mother ran to her car to get something to “protect herself with,” according to reports.

The victim reports she saw a man lurking in the trees in the yard and confronted him. The man, later identified as White, punched her in the face before running back to his truck and taking off. White later denied punching the woman, telling officers it was her who hit him when he approached to see what was wrong. White acknowledged driving his son to the Waites Corner Road home, but said he was waiting in his truck until the victim approached him.

Tessa J. Miro, 22, of 37 Sherman Ave., West Kingston, was charged with reckless driving Dec. 29 after she reportedly sped past an officer who had stopped another vehicle on Kingstown Road just after 1 a.m. Miro then reportedly turned around and sped her silver Prius back past the officer in the opposite direction. 

After being pulled over for allegedly driving 55 mph in a 25 mph zone, Miro reportedly told police she was returning to Bobby G’s pub where she works because she forgot something there. Miro passed field sobriety tests, but was charged after telling officers she tries not to speed because “she has been pulled over several times for speeding.”

Daniel Henley, 43, of 49 Orchard Ave., Apt. 3, South Kingstown, was charged with larceny on Christmas after he allegedly walked out of CVS with a carriage full of items he didn’t pay for.

Officers responded to the call from CVS workers, who reported the license plate of the Jeep used in the alleged crime. When officers arrived at his home, Henley denied driving the Jeep that belongs to his friend, claiming his children may have driven it. However, officers were able to identify him by the red flannel pajama pants CVS employees told police the thief was wearing.

The items reportedly taken from the store include a blanket, two pairs of memory foam slippers, a curling iron, a Brita water filtration pitcher and some household items.

Francis M. Terminesi, 33, of Meadow Avenue in South Kingstown, was charged with domestic vandalism Dec. 22 after he allegedly damaged his own home during a fight with his wife. He allegedly ripped off cabinet doors and smashed an overhead light fixture.

Tyler J. Murray, 23, of 77 Mockingbird Lane, Wakefield, was charged with assault and disorderly conduct Dec. 28 after he allegedly put a doorman at Mew’s Tavern into a choke hold while being kicked out of the bar for being overly intoxicated.

Lisa A. Costich, 25, of 158 South Weeden Road, Wakefield, was charged with driving with a suspended license just after midnight Dec. 30 after being pulled over on Commodore Perry Highway for reportedly driving 60 mph in a 50 mph zone.


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