SK Police Log: September 2, 2012

According to police, a Hope Valley man doesn’t take too kindly to being barred from Kabuki.

Unless otherwise noted, information about the following incidents was supplied by the South Kingstown Police Department. An arrest does not indicate a conviction.

Hope Valley Man Refuses to Leave Kabuki’s, Has A Word or Two for ‘Government Pigs’

Nicholas W. Mack, 24, of 59 Thurston Drive, Hope Valley, was arrested at about 1:48 a.m. on Sept. 2 and charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, vandalism and trespassing.

According to police, shortly after midnight they received a request from the owner of Kabuki’s to issue a no-trespass order to Mack. The owner told police that Mack was belligerent, hitting seat dividers and items in the bathroom, and they had asked him to leave.

Police said when they arrived, Mack immediately became confrontational, and refused to provide them with his information. After repeated attempts, they temporarily detained him in the back of a squad car.

According to police, Mack calmed down after a few minutes in the back of the car, at which point they were able to issue the no-trespass order. Police noted that after issuing the order, Mack was still upset, and pacing in the parking lot and swearing. Police told him to leave the area.

Police said that an officer observed Mack leave with a friend, but they only went a short distance away, to the gas station across the street from Kabuki’s. As a result, the officer monitored Mack from the Wakefield Mall parking lot, and saw him go back to the restaurant a few minutes later.

According to police, when they went back to the restaurant a bartender told them that Mack had come back, and then exited out the side door. Police said they found Mack in the bushes in front of D’Angelo’s.

Police said that when they asked Mack why he had gone back to the restaurant, he began yelling and swearing, and called them “government pigs.” When they attempted to arrest him, he allegedly told police, “You ain’t arresting me for ****. I didn’t do anything.”

According to police, Mack continually resisted during their attempt to arrest him, and said, “**** you, you ****ing faggot” and “You’re a ****ing queer faggot with a gun and a badge.” They noted that he also kicked at a squad car door, and banged his head repeatedly on the side window and partition.

Police noted that throughout processing, Mack was uncooperative. He was placed into a padded cell, but police had to respond twice more after his arrest, because he had hidden his cell phone and then a golf pencil on his person.

Police said he used the golf pencil to etch “**** the SK police” and “HMACK” into the wall. According to police, Mack refused multiple offers of medical treatment for his injuries.

North Providence Woman Charged With License Violation

Courtney R. Tallarico, 26, of 8 Belcourt Ave., North Providence, was arrested at about 12:29 a.m. on Sept. 2 and charged with driving with a suspended license.

According to police, they saw a car driven by Tallarico swerving while traveling north on Route 1 by Ride Road. A traffic stop was made near Bridgetown Road.

Police said a background check of the driver – Tallarico – revealed that her license was suspended on June 27. As a result, she was arrested witout incident, processed at headquarters and then released at about 1:26 a.m.

A passenger in the car was intoxicated. As a result, an officer stayed with the car until a family friend of Tallarico arrived, and the friend drove the car and the passenger home.

Police also noted that because of Mack’s combativeness during processing – see the above arrest – Tallarico’s processing was delayed.

Providence Man Charged With Driving Without License

Francisco C. Morales, 27, of 169 Linwood Ave., Providence, was arrested at about 2:56 a.m. on Sept. 2 and charged with driving without a license.

According to police, an officer noted a van driven by Morales swerving into the breakdown lane on Route 1 near Hampton Way. A traffic stop was made near Narragansett Avenue.

Police said Morales did not have a driver’s license, only a Guatemala Consulate identification card. As a result, he was arrested without incident, and the van was towed.

Morales was processed at police headquarters and then released at about 5:03 a.m.

Unless otherwise noted, the information for this article was compiled from South Kingstown police reports, which are available for review by any member of the public at their . If we’re missing a call or report you’re interested in knowing about, feel free to leave a comment or to send Local Editor Stephen Greenwell a message at Stephen.greenwell@patch.com.

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nick mack June 08, 2013 at 05:27 AM
My name is Nicholas W Mack and I am offended by what I have just read about me. Yes I was kicked out of kubuki that night, yes I refused to give information about myself. I DID NOT hit or make any sort of noise in the bathroom. I returned to kubuki to retrieve my debit card which was stolen from me by kubuki staff with a nice tip for them selves. The sk police rookies WERE being faggots that night. All roided up trying to compensate for something. There were 6 cops that beat me and arrested me all because I allegedly made noises in the bathroom. This case was dismissed and I was charged for nothing because I did nothing wrong besides stand up for myself to6 cops.
RITaxpayer June 08, 2013 at 12:39 PM
"My name is Nicholas W Mack and I am offended..." Soooo, the staff at Kubuki was picking on you just like the cops, right Mack? You need to grow up and start acting more responsibly, you know, like an adult.


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