Narragansett Police Log: February 8 and 9, 2012

Fights over a boyfriend and rent money lead to arrests, police say.

Unless otherwise noted, information about the following incidents was supplied by the Narragansett Police Department. An arrest does not indicate a conviction.

Narragansett Man, In Rent Money Dispute, Punches Out Window; Friend Driving Arrested for Suspended License As Well

At about 8:45 p.m. on Feb. 8, police arrested a pair of Narragansett men following a domestic disturbance earlier in the night.

  • Ryan Michael Cheatham, 24, of 60 Foddering Farm Road, Narragansett, was charged with domestic disorderly conduct.
  • Henry R. Devaudreuil, 32, of 9 Harbour Island Road, Narragansett, was charged with driving with a suspended license.

According to police, a neighbor complained of a fight between residents at 60 Foddering Farm Road. The neighbor, a 26-year-old Narragansett woman, told police that she heard screaming and swearing about rent money. She called police when she heard the sound of breaking glass, and also noticed a car with a vanity license plate leaving the scene.

Police interviewed three men at Foddering Farm Road. While they declined to provide written statements, according to the tenants, there was an argument with Cheatham over rent money.

While Cheatham was leaving the home, he punched through a front storm door glass panel, leaving a large amount of shattered glass and blood on the floor.

According to police, a traffic stop was made of the car by Mariner Square. Cheatham, a passenger in the car, told police that he had just “gotten into a fight and was cut bad.” Police verified that there was a deep cut on his arm, and called an ambulance for him.

A background check of the driver – Devaudreuil – revealed that his license was suspended. He was arrested and transported to police headquarters. Devaudreuil did not provide police with a statement, and he was released at 9:40 p.m.

At about 10:50 p.m., South County Hospital staff told police that Cheatham had finished receiving treatment for his wound and could be picked up. He was arrested without incident at that time.

At about 12:46 a.m. on Feb. 9, Cheatham was transported back to South County Hospital because his wound was bleeding through the existing bandages. He was treated and released at 6 a.m.

At about 9 a.m. on Feb. 9, Cheatham provided police with a statement, confirming that he punched through a window in frustration after having an argument. He was arraigned and released at about 11 a.m., after being arraigned in Fourth Division District Court.

Hopkinton Man Arrested for Suspended License

Ryan Leon Hurtuk, 31, of 12 Howard St., Hopkinton, was arrested at about 8:56 a.m. on Feb. 8 and charged with driving with a suspended license.

According to police, an officer monitoring traffic on Point Judith Road saw a car driving at a low rate of speed. A check of the vehicle’s registration came back to a woman, with a police dispatcher noting that a relative of the woman had a suspended Massachusetts license.

A traffic stop was made on Kinney Avenue. Police said that the driver – Hurtuk – was related to the owner of the car, but was not the person with the suspended Massachusetts license. However, when police did a background check, they found out his Rhode Island license was suspended.

Hurtuk was arrested and transported to police headquarters. The car was towed from the scene. He was issued a Feb. 14 date for Fourth Division District Court and released at 10:11 a.m.

Pair of Female URI Students Fight Over Boyfriend / Ex-Boyfriend

According to police, a fight between two women on the night of Feb. 2 led to both being cited for violating the town ordinance for fighting. Police identified the participants as University of Rhode Island students:

  • Devyn L. Voyer, 20, of 75 East Shore Road, Narragansett
  • Molly Smith, 21, of 18 Rockland St., Narragansett

Police said that at about 1:30 p.m. on Feb. 3, they interviewed Voyer at South County Hospital. Voyer told them that she and Smith had gotten into a fight the previous night, after Smith dumped a glass of dirty water on her.

According to police, Voyer told them that she had been sleeping, and that after the water was poured on her, Smith pushed her to the ground and attacked her. Voyer was diagnosed with minor cuts and bruises, and a concussion.

However, Smith told police that after she poured the water on Voyer, Voyer stood up and went chest-to-chest with her, at which point they both started fighting with each other. According to police, Smith had bumps and bruises consistent with a fight on her body.

Police said three other witness statements, from tenants at the home, were inconclusive. According to the statements, they come into the living room to see the fight in progress, and couldn’t tell who the primary aggressor was.

According to police, the fight stemmed from Voyer dating Smith’s ex-boyfriend. The tenants told police that earlier in the night, Smith and her ex-boyfriend had had a verbal argument, after which she fought with Voyer, who was there to visit Smith’s ex.

Based on there being no independent witnesses, and the conflicting reports from the participants, both were cited for the municipal violation of fighting. No criminal charges were filed.

Unless otherwise noted, the information for this article was compiled from Narragansett police reports, which are available for review by any member of the public at their . If we’re missing a call or report you’re interested in knowing about, feel free to leave a comment or to send Local Editor Stephen Greenwell a message at Stephen.greenwell@patch.com.

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