Man Lets Himself in Cop Car, Then Wants Out

Charges are based on reports from the Narragansett Police Department. An arrest does not indicate a conviction.

Narragansett Police Department. Patch file photo.
Narragansett Police Department. Patch file photo.

A Narragansett man is facing disorderly conduct charges after he voluntarily hopped into the back of a cop car, then seemed to immediately regret the decision.

On Nov. 30 at about 1 a.m., officers received reports of a hit-and-run accident involving a car parked outside 44 Bow Run. A neighbor reported a dark colored SUV slammed into the car parked next door, then took off. The Honda Accord had sustained heavy front-end damage and was leaking radiator fluid all over the road.

As for the suspect vehicle, it didn’t take a lot of crack detective work to find its whereabouts. From the puddle of radiator fluid were two tire tracks leading 300 feet down the road, directly to a dark colored Saturn Vue SUV, officers reported.

Leaning against the car was Kenny P. Kiernan, 21, of 55 Bow Run. When asked if he was OK, Kiernan — reportedly with slurred speech — identified himself  and said he “was good.” However, he appeared unable to stand on his own, propping himself up against the car, according to reports. 

He denied any involvement in an accident that night, and said he had gotten home from a house party 30 minutes before but hadn’t been driving at all that night. He then gestured to the damage to his SUV and exclaimed, “Oh my god, look what happened to my car! Who did this?,” reports indicate.

Kiernan was reportedly shivering on the chilly night, wearing only sweat pants, a shirt and socks, so officers asked if he’d like to warm up in the cruiser. He opened the back door himself and climbed into the car, according to reports. When officers, looking for another potential driver of the SUV, knocked on the front door of 55 Bow Run, Kiernan reportedly began screaming and swearing from the car, imploring officers, “Don’t talk to my parents.” 

After several warnings of disorderly conduct — and as porch lights were reportedly going on around the neighborhood — Kiernan allegedly began kicking and punching the windows of the police cruiser, prompting the disorderly conduct charge.

Officers were unable to place Kenny behind the wheel of the SUV, though they did reportedly recover keys to a Saturn vehicle in his pocket when they searched him at the station. 

The next morning during booking, Kenny allegedly offered — without being questioned — that he “messed up and was going to walk home” until a friend challenged his manhood, prompting him to drive instead.


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