February Led By Death, Peter Pan and Police Beat

The debut of our column looking at the most popular articles of the previous month. Plus, who doesn’t love Spinal Tap?

Curious about what our most popular stories were in the previous month? Listen, any punk from Ball State can do a Top 10 list. But to paraphrase from This Is Spinal Tap, this one goes to 11. That’s one more – You can really tell the difference.

Without further adieu, whatever that means, here is the list:

  • 11) . Unfortunately, the boys’ team finished just a bit short in the championship game, losing to a tough Slater team in overtime. However, it was still a great year for the team, which was led by eighth graders Chris DiClemente and Joe Sekator, with a slew of others filling vital roles as well.
  • 10) . Police had two loud party complaints, two possession of marijuana arrests, a domestic assault and a DWI. Busy times, unfortunately.
  • 9) . There were no arrests on my birthday, Valentine’s Day. However, there was a bunch of other stuff going on the other two days – A Narragansett woman arrested on a warrant for a gun charge, police citing a house for its second noise violation and a Providence woman with drug problems skipping out on a taxi fare.
  • 8) . In what was probably the most controversial story of the month, former resident Brian Verry was sentenced to 15 years at the ACI in February, after being found guilty of child abuse by a jury in January.
  • 7) .  This story was initially published on South Kingstown Patch, but it was syndicated after police noted that both suspects were wanted for questioning in some Narragansett breaking and entering cases.
  • 6) I honestly don’t know why this particular report is popular, outside of the fact that we published it on Valentine’s Day. The man arrested, URI student Anthony Scardapane, is due in court on March 22 for a felony screening hearing.
  • 5) . An intoxicated URI student broke a car windshield with his bare fists. That sort of lead does tend to generate page hits, I must say. According to online court records, the vandalism charge against him was dismissed on March 8, which typically happens when someone pays restitution or makes a charitable donation before the court hearing.
  • 4) . Much like the final, pivotal scene of Billy Madison, people seemed to like the irony that a University of Rhode Island professor who teaches business ethics was arrested for fraud. A felony screening date for John Dunn was held on Feb. 22, but no future court proceeding has yet to be scheduled.
  • 3) . This log marked the return of University of Rhode Island students to Narragansett after the semester break, which accounted for an uptick in the number of arrests and incidents in town. The lead item is also about a 1-year-old being hit by a car, but luckily, it seems like the child is OK.
  • 2) . Marylou Butler got some stunning shots of the Pier School’s production of Peter and Wendy, which shows in this article’s continuous popularity. Despite coming out a month ago, it still has several people visiting it every day.
  • 1) . Unfortunately, there isn’t any update to this one, at least so far. I did check up on a previous well-being check on the woman involved with Narragansett police, but there was no pertinent information in that report to publish.
Marylou Butler March 21, 2011 at 12:51 AM
Those Narragansett Middle School students were talented beyond their years! Peter Pan and Wendy was an impressive show way above their age level.
Stephen Greenwell March 21, 2011 at 01:23 AM
So I heard from you and several others, Marylou! I'll have to check out their next production. I did see "A Bad Year for Tomatoes," which was put on as a senior project by some NHS kids, and that was also very good.


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