Family Responds to Tripathi's False Link to Boston

Family and friends are remaining strong in a search for Sunil Tripathi, especially after he was falsely linked to the marathon bombings.

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The last days have generated tremendous and painful attention — on social media platforms Facebook, Twitter and Reddit, as well as from television media inquiries — linking Sunil Tripathi to the video stills released by the FBI yesterday afternoon.

“Unequivocally, we have known that neither individual suspected as responsible for the incident in Boston was Sunil,” said Akhil Tripathi, his father.

The Tripathi family expresses their sympathies for victims and others affected by the cowardly acts of violence befalling the Boston community. “The last 34 days, and the last 12 hours especially, have been heart-wrenching and exhausting. We remain tireless in our continued search for Sunil,” said Judy Tripathi, his mother.

Family and friends remain in Providence meticulously looking for Sunil. They want every minute of attention that was given to them in the past 18 hours to be re-focused on helping them find their beloved Sunil. “We received many inquiries on our Facebook page, which we temporarily froze overnight. We have since re-activated the page and redoubled our effort in finding Sunny,” said Sangeeta Tripathi, Sunil’s older sister, “Sunil has a kind, gentle soul, and all family and friends wish is that he is found safe and well.” 

Those wishing to lend support to the search for Sunil can email helpusfindsuniltripathi@gmail.com or message through the “Help Us Find Sunil Tripathi’ Facebook page.


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