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Dearly Departed Deer & Marijuana

Here's a look at this week's most interesting arrests from around the state.

Deer and marijuana – it’s what’s for dinner.

A possible “deer jacker,” which is not nearly as dirty as it sounds, was arrested by North Kingstown police and charged with drunken driving. Police said that the Coventry resident had accidentally driven his car into a ditch, and a search revealed 10 shotgun shells and a handheld flashlight. Police believed that the man was “deer jacking” at one point – shining the flashlight at the deer to blind them, then shooting them.

A shotgun was found nearby, outside the man’s car, and he was charged with drunken driving. Police also noted that during his arrest, the man attempted to eat a small bag of marijuana on his person to conceal it from police.

Special delivery! Here’s your marijuana!

Pro-tip: Don’t send marijuana through the mail.

A 24-year-old Cranston man is facing drug charges after a drug-sniffing dog detected marijuana in boxes being sent through the mail from California to an address in Attleboro, Mass.

He LITERALLY tried to throw his roommate out.

A North Kingstown man was arrested and charged with domestic offenses after he assaulted his roommate. According to police, the man was tired of the roommate living with him, and told him that he better get used to carrying his own luggage while on vacation in Nantucket. 

You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch.

In South Kingstown, thieves stole ornaments and decorations from the yard of a past Patch Christmas lights contestant. Police have yet to make an arrest, although the homeowners suspect the thieves are University of Rhode Island students. Got tips on this? You can call SKPD at 783-3321. 

Dear robbers, go spit!

According to Woonsocket police, an unarmed gas station clerk scared off two robbers with guns by pretending that the police had already arrived. To read more on this, click here.

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