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Weirdness Magnets, How Do They Work?!

Whenever I'm around, the weirdness is not too far behind...

Well it sure feels like it's been quite a while since I last wrote something. With a combination of finals and Christmas taking up a lot of my time, I haven't been able to take some time out to sit down and write anything. Once the new year kickstarts, I'll be sure to go back to my weekly thing. Anyway, onwards to my article. 

For some reason, the weirdest things always seem to happen when I'm within the vicinity. 

I can't quite explain it. It seems that everytime I'm just kind of minding my own business and just doing my usual thing, something really strange will end up happening leaving me just dumbfounded or laughing... And sometimes both. It could be at work, it could be at school, hell it could even be at home -- weird stuff just seems to follow me. 

Let's start with work examples from both my Subway job and my Dunkin Donuts job.

At Dunkin Donuts, the weirdest of things was when our Drive Thru was stuck in a long line and two people were lingering at the ordering post. And well... the people lingering there got into an argument, completely unaware that even if we're not talking, we can hear everything on the headsets.

So we got something that felt like a page out of a soap opera where the woman cheated on the man with someone much younger. We had no idea how to react. It's a miracle that I actually was able to keep a straight face after that.

There were a few other strange events including, I think, one time someone ordering Munchkins in a Darth Vader costume, but that could've been a story someone just relayed to me. 

Then there's the laundry list of strange occurences at Subway. There was the time that a co-worker nearly got in trouble for reasons I'm still not sure about. On two separate occasions, I've seen people faint. One was a customer, the other was a co-worker (both were fine, just dehydrated).

Then the capper, which got me thinking about this, was when at work there was nearly a showdown between two customers over a decency issue. Out of respect of those folks, I will not go into detail, but it wasn't pretty. Then one time, someone wanted us to make a veggie sub for them to whack someone upside the head with as part of a bet. And yet, all I can really say after any of these is that it's not the weirdest thing that's happened to me. 

At school, things just got even weirder. Sometimes, it'd be me running errands for teachers. Usually it'd be simple stuff like going to the office and picking something up for them. Other times it'd be weird things like going to drop off a saxophone in the band room for whatever reason. Then there'd be the unfortunate implications category where I'd just so happen to be in the area when something happened all because of my own forgetfulness.

In 10th grade, I stupidly forgot to put on deodorant and realized I had to do so in gym class, so I went into the locker room. Just zipped right in and out. Next thing I know, I'm being accused of stealing someone's money. All I did was just go in the locker room to prevent myself from being called the smelly awkward girl. Luckily, that was all straightened out in due time. 

Then there's the situations I somehow get myself into. Things like the genius idea for me to tie my drawstring to my shorts against a chainlink fence only to be unable to undo the knot and having to walk back to the Pier School with my shorts nearly falling off.

Then there was the time when I thought it was a good idea to stick a quarter in a light socket. What possessed me to think this was a great idea still is completely lost on me. And I mean I wasn't even 4-5... I was more around 11... Not my proudest moment.

Or there's the time in college that out of everybody in the classroom, the guy giving a lecture and needing a volunteer picks me to try to do a squat thrust. Not so bad, but I was wearing the junkiest clothing (I was going home later that afternoon and those clothes were the only clean thing). That situation still kind of makes me laugh, not gonna lie. I think that dude had a crush on me...

However, the capper for weirdest thing (this year at least) was when my parents were away on vacation. My sister and I get a phone call from our neighbors who wanted us to come over for a moment to do them a favor. We go over, just thinking 'Okay then...maybe they need help with their compuers or something?'

However, this being me, it wasn't that. Apparently my neighbors had revised their will and needed witnesses. So, they call me and my sister up. We have no idea what's going on, but apparently we had to witness them signing it and then sign our names to say that we did. Yes, it was a great thing to do, but it just isn't something you'd see everyday. 

Perhaps to you folks, some of this stuff isn't so weird. Maybe I'm just overexaggerating or overreacting. That being said, I just have always been a weirdness magnet whether it be by myself or with others. Of course, now that I actually talk about it, I'll end up having the boringest and normalest things occuring when I'm around now. Either way, I'm cool with it. I don't mind the bizarre since it makes for a good story after all. 


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