Time to Clear SK’s Deck of the Fogartys!

In his latest blog posting, Jonathan Daly-Labelle takes aim at two SK politicians.

Tuesday could be a huge political day here in South Kingstown, or it could just be like any other… 

The results of the Primary Race for District 35 should be of great interest.

The Fogartys vs. Spencer Dickinson.  I say the Fogartys because it is impossible to separate the two, and their influence here in SK has not been a good one.  

Beyond the inappropriateness of having the chairman of the Democrat Town Committee (Brendan) being married to a town council member (Kathy – council president for two terms), there is quite a list of negative decisions and tactics they have employed.

From the list I share – their questionable handling of endorsements over the years, their engineering of the initial closure of South Road School, their attempted move to close Wakefield Elementary, the manufacturing of an issue over the town’s $7,000 support of the local Chamber of Commerce, and an all inclusive rudeness and exclusivity that their tenure has embodied.

It is time for the Fogartys to go.

As Kathy has decided her time is now – or more specifically, Gordon Fox has determined that her time is now – we are now guaranteed that she will no longer be involved in the running of our town government.  

Do we really want her representing us at the State House?  The State House, where her husband is a paid staffer for Speaker Fox?

We can suppose largely that much of Brendan’s job security has to do with what he can deliver for the Speaker. And he is paid fairly handsomely for this.  These are connections we do not need.  

Kathy bounced herself from the town chambers, and on Tuesday voters of District 35 can keep her from bouncing to the State House with a vote for Spencer Dickinson.  These are important steps to help clear the way for new blood and leadership in the DTC, and hopefully purge our fine town of South Kingstown of city-style tactics and governance.

Editor’s note – The views of Jonathan are strictly his own, and do not necessarily reflects the thoughts and opinions of Narragansett-South Kingstown Patch editors. Post adapted from the original entry on his blog, with his permission, with minor edits for style and grammar.

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Lisa herbert September 11, 2012 at 01:51 AM
Haldeman is the only true " clearing of the decks " ....I hope Dickinson is gone after tomorrow.
Patrick Murray September 26, 2012 at 02:07 PM
I am also in support of Halderman. The Progressive Democrats have brought this State to it's financial knees through regulation, bureaucracy and union shakedowns from our general assembly leaders. It's time for leaders that represent their constituents and not union special interests... God save our State...


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