Support the Infrastructure Bills

House Bill 7432 and Senate Bill 2335, the Infrastructure Bills, do the following:

                 a.   They are a statewide solution to a statewide problem.  Shows Rhode Island is serious about fixing infrastructure.

                b.   Funding is gradual, equitable and flexible for future adjustments.

                c.   Fair and equitable.  They do not place any undue burden on any group.   Only 1.65% of identified funds are from “new” money.

                d.    Helps the economy without affecting tourism and state tax revenue.

                e.   Would redirect state spending into a sector that would support/create construction jobs over 10 years.  That money would be re-spent in the economy.

                f.    Shows the General Assembly is willing to “choose the harder right” and is open to bold and innovative legislation.

                g.   Eliminates redundant spending and saves the state money in the long run.

                h.   Eliminates all RIDOT debt and the need for RITBA bonds. 

                i.   Ultimately results in all State bridges and roads being in good condition with no structurally deficient bridges.

                j.   Sets the conditions for RIDOT to have a proactive maintenance plan for all bridges.


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