Smart Phone Apps For Runners

Bring your phone with you on your runs - it makes a great training partner, thanks to some cool smart phone apps!

We live in a hyper connected society. With our smart phones attached to our hips – sometimes literally – we can instantly update our social circles with our thoughts, actions and whereabouts.

Our phones are our constant traveling companions, allowing us to watch videos, browse homes for sale and even find the nearest gas stations. As such, it’s no wonder they also offer plenty of tools for runners in the Digital Age.

Here are some cool smart phone apps that provide tech-savvy runners with the tools they need to hit the road:

  • RunKeeper (iPhone/Android) and iMapMyRUN (iPhone/Android/BlackBerry) use the GPS of your smart phone to track your runs. They allow you to sync your data (distance, time, speed, etc.) online and keep a log of your workout history. You can also post your activity to your social networks like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Running and nutrition go hand-in-hand, so count your calories with the help of  the MyFitnessPal app (iPhone/Android/BlackBerry). It will help you keep track of your diet and exercise regimen, and if your friends use MyFitnessPal you can connect and motivate each other through the app.
  • The Couch to 5K app (iPhone/Android/BlackBerry) brings the popular nine-week training plan to your smart phone. If you’re a novice runner or a runner who has taken time off, this easily accessible program will help you train for a 5K, guiding you and providing support along the way.
  • Sometimes you need a little motivation to get you through a run, and that’s when the iPod app (iPhone) really comes in handy. It’s one-stop shopping on the iPhone, on which you can download music with the iTunes app, then plug in your headphones and get in the groove for your run with your favorite songs.
  • Don’t discount the good old-fashioned Stopwatch (iPhone/Android/BlackBerry) to help with your training. Whether you’re doing a timed interval workout or you just need to keep track of the length of time you’re running, the stopwatch is a simple yet invaluable tool.

Technology, in theory, makes our lives simpler and more streamlined, and that goes for our workouts, too. Yes, sometimes it is nice to go for a run just to unplug…  to allow yourself to think, plan, be inspired and reflect. But other times technological tools serve to enhance your running experience.

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