Sad what Patch has become

As a previous Patch lover, and current dog obsessor, it's extremely sad for me to see what Patch has become. Allowing blogs like "Boss Hogg" spreading hate and lies around and keeping them just because they get good readership and fire everyone up with comments. It's become nothing more than a gossip column with aggregated regional content (isn't this supposed to be a LOCAL site?) and scummy, attention grabbing headlines like "Child mauled by Pit Bull" or "Teacher sleeps with 2 students". It doesn't matter if either of those events happened in your town, or even in your state. Shame on you Patch for what you have become.
Mark Schieldrop April 05, 2014 at 07:26 AM
I'm with you. We don't like one blog dominating the whole platform, either. An entirely new platform is in the works that will do a much better job keeping local content front and center and solve a lot of the issues that came about when the site was redesigned last year. We're a new company now and in the process of making the business sustainable. You're not the only person that has raised these issues and we're taking them to heart. The new platform will do a better job presenting local news and info separately from national content within the Patch network. As you can see, and as you accurately point out, there isn't much distinction at all and that's not fair to the users. And us editors feel the same way. The pit bull blog isn't there because we want clicks and comments. It's because the platform need to be fixed. If the platform really rewarded people for posting blogs and on the boards, that blog would be drowned out by all the great local stuff happening. But the redesign last year didn't bring about many rewards for users and that is part of what we're fixing now.
LR April 05, 2014 at 10:17 AM
I totally agree. Shown for a day is one thing. Shown continuously is just wrong. This site used to be to keep us updated on local news and happenings. Now it's just some people's horrible and misguided comments over and over.


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