Peanuts and Cracker Jacks on the Cheap

Why drive to Boston when you can watch Rhode Island’s very own Red Sox for a fraction of the price and hassle?

McCoy Stadium may not have all the history and legend that Fenway Park does, but it also doesn’t have the high-priced parking, food or drinks. If you want to save more than a few bucks, the Pawtucket Red Sox are the team to watch.

Opting for a cheaper alternative than shipping up to Boston, friends and I took a leisurely drive to Pawtucket for a PawSox game.

We strolled up to the ticket window right as the game was starting. Every Tuesday tickets are buy-one-get-one free if you bring in a Kraft Cheese Singles package wrapper. Even without that great deal, tickets are only $7 for general admission ($5 for children under 12 and senior citizens) and $11 for box seats. When was the last time you saw prices like that?

Parking is free at the stadium, although there is a large sign stating “park at your own risk.” After a few innings we figured out why. Anytime a foul ball was hit there was a pretty good chance it was going to take out someone’s windshield. We parked across the street from the stadium for $10. Cheap parking in Boston for a game is $30 at least.

That night the PawSox faced off against the Rochester Red Wings, a team that shares a long history with the PawSox. Thirty years ago they competed in what became the longest game in professional baseball history. It took 33 innings to sort out the winner. They eventually called the game around 4 a.m., electing to finish later. It took two months before the teams faced off again, where PawSox ended it in one inning, winning 3-2.

As a minor league Triple-A team for the Boston Red Sox, you never know if you’re going to see someone before they become famous. Former famous PawSox players include Kevin Youkilis, Nomar Garciaparra and Carlton Fisk. You might want an autograph now before it’s too late!

It was a cool evening, perfect weather for a baseball game. The sun set in the third inning, right down the first base line. A cloudy haze had drifted in, turning the sun a dusty orange. After a somewhat lackluster start where the Red Wings scored five runs in one inning, the PawSox stepped up their game. It was thrilling to watch such a turnaround.

We enjoyed beer and pizza and watched as the team mascots, Paws and Sox, shot t-shirt cannons up into the crowd. We even got to witness a couple home runs and the PawSox coming out on top at the end. Baseball is baseball. It doesn’t matter where you watch it, or what you put on your hot dog – it’s still magic.


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