Okay Red Sox, REALLY?!

A brief sports rant about this week of hell in Red Sox Nation.

If you don't mind me doing this, I would like to have a very brief departure from the usual high school stuff that I talk about to address this past week with the Red Sox. I apologize for the topic change, but I swear this will be the only time I will do it.  

I doubt that I really need to rehash all that had happened with the Red Sox this past month. It was awful, pathetic, crap baseball capped off by a real gut punch of a loss. They had a nine-game lead that evaporated on the last day of the season.

It sucked and it stinks, but they deserved it. However, I do find it funny that the Red Sox got all the heat while the Braves, who did exactly the same thing, have gotten by almost completely unscathed. The Braves owe the Red Sox a giant “Thank You” note for that. 

Now this all pretty much sucked, but I was slowly accepting it even if I may think that the Yankees lost on purpose vs. Tampa Bay. I wasn't very thrilled with the way things ended and I wasn't happy to hear about the clubhouse chemistry, namely the Pitcher Clique, which seemed to thrive. However, I was okay with it and I figured it'd just be something that perhaps and offseason apart could fix. 

Then came the news about Terry Francona....

When I first heard people question if he would return or not, I didn't think anything of it. I thought it was stupid and a ridiculous assumption. I mean, the slide wasn't Francona's fault.

It was the fault of the players for not performing. He made as many right moves as he could. The only thing he was really guilty of was being loyal to the veterans. That wasn't the case, however, for the month slide. To fire him or make him quit was the worst possible move to make. 

So imagine the rage I felt when I heard about it shortly before going to bed on Thursday. 

I wasn't upset, I wasn't sad, I was just flat out angry. How could this even happen?! Why would this happen?!

We'd come to find out that Francona quit on his own because he felt like he couldn't reach the players anymore. That just made me even angrier. The clubhouse was this bad?! So bad that Tito, who has handled such primadonnas as Manny Ramirez and Pedro Martinez (I love Pedro but he was kind of a primadonna) with ease and has basically taken the heat for his players time and time again would resign?!

I just didn't have anything to say. I was way too angry to even come up with the proper words. Hell, I'm still angry about it. 

Francona is easily the best manager the Red Sox have ever had. For eight years, he has handled the team with ease in an atmosphere that can be very unforgiving. He took the Red Sox to the playoffs five out of the eight seasons, and in two of those other seasons, he was close. He also has twice won a World Series for the Red Sox, which is something most former Red Sox managers can’t say. 

I suppose that it was time for a change, but I just wish it wasn't in these conditions. It's really not fair for anybody involved.

Theo Epstein, the general manager, didn't want to see him go. Francona, however, had his mind made up. It's a damn shame and I'm ashamed of being a fan of the team because of how everything unfolded since the beginning of September. There's only a small handful of players that I'm not upset at, but even that is debatable in some respects. 

The 2012 Red Sox season is now completely up in the air. There's so much uncertainty in the air and there's so much that could go wrong. However, you just have to hope for the best and believe that something will be done, and that it will be good. I just hope that the team knows that they're not off on the right foot in this offseason. 

And so, that's my quick rant on the demise of the 2011 Red Sox. We will be back to our regularly scheduled programming next week. 

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Stephen Greenwell October 03, 2011 at 06:33 PM
Mel, it was tough for me to edit your article, and that was even though it's now several days after the fact. I can't believe how worked up I still get about a game I'm not even playing in... sigh. Red Sox! *shakes fist*
Ted Dever October 04, 2011 at 04:32 AM
It was an absolute disaster the September collapse. They lost games by one run too often. What caused them to go down the slippery slope? Ted


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