NHS PTO Hosting Session On Bullying Tonight

Join their free session at 7 p.m. tonight in the high school’s library.

Do you have any idea of the pressures that your teen is feeling? Some assorted comments we’ve received:

Everyone gets picked on, you just need to deal with it – NHS Student

Why is everyone else popular, but not me? – NHS Student

I wish everyone would just leave me alone – NHS Student

I don’t feel like myself anymore – NHS Student

I wake up every day feeling like it’s doomsday – NHS Student

I always feel sad, I don’t know why – NPS Student

Did you talk to your parents about how you feel? ... I don’t want them to worry – NHS Student

* * *

It comes at them from every direction. So tonight at 7 p.m. in the Narragansett High School Media Center, Michael C. Cerullo Jr., MS, LMHC, will be giving a presentation on peer relationships, bullying and the emotional well-being of developing adolescents.

If you don’t think this relates to you or your teenager, well, is it worth an hour of your time to make sure?

For more information on the Narragansett High School PTO, check out their Facebook page here. Release courtesy of the PTO.

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