Letter: Matunuck Still Not Prepared for Storms

John LaCroix is critical of the efforts by South Kingstown and the CRMC to protect the coast of Matunuck.

To the editor,

After a year of debate, legal action, Coastal Resources Management Council decisions and hope, Matunuck is as she has been for many years – left to the whim of Mother Nature’s wrath.

The wall, promised to be built in October, has not been built. The telephone poles still stand where they were in August, and businesses and oceanfront homeowners still can’t protect their property from erosion.

I can only say to the Town of South Kingstown and the CRMC, “Good job, Brownie.” The failure to protect Matunuck from this coming large storm is a failure of government at a local and state level.

John LaCroix, Matunuck Beach Road, Matunuck, RI


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