Letter: CRMC, SK Leaders Let Matunuck Down

Susan Rivera Russo, a former resident of Matunuck, criticizes its treatment from the town and the CRMC.

To the editor,

It took them – the Coastal Resources Management Council and the Town of South Kingstown – almost 40 years to "decide" on how to preserve Matunuck from disaster and oblivion.  The resolution was to build a wall and have it built by October. 

Granted, as of this writing, there are six days left in the month to execute "their" plans, which is more like trying to work a miracle.  It appears that the only thing to be "executed” will be Matunuck.

Shame on you, Mr. Alfred. Shame on you, present and past members of the South Kingstown Town Council. Shame on you, CRMC.

But once again, what do any of you care??? You do 'not' lose your home, your job or your business. You lose "nothing."   

There is just so much that people can take, so in the end, maybe you will lose something in the lost revenue that you would have received from the businesses, and taxes. Hope you are all proud of the job or lack there of that you have accomplished over all of these years.

Susan Rivera Russo, former resident of Matunuck, now of Morrisville, VT


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