Send The Kids on A Treasure Hunt Adventure

Keep the kids busy over winter break by sending them on a treasure hunt around your house or backyard. It's fun, exciting and educational.

An ancient treasure map has turned up miraculously on your doorstep and it leads to a treasure chest hiding in your home! Great for parties or just a fun afternoon activity, send your children roaming around your house or backyard for some fun-filled treasure hunting adventures.

Like a scavenger hunt, create clues that will send the treasure hunters from one hint to the next, eventually ending at the “buried” treasure! Have fun and be creative when writing your clues. Use riddles or rhymes, but don’t make them too hard for young children to figure out.

Once you’ve created your clues, set up your landmarks for the treasure hunt. You could use stuffed animals and pretend they’re “wild dingos,” build a totem pole out of empty boxes or fill a small kiddie pool with sand (outside, of course) and encourage the children to dig for their next hint. The possibilities are endless! Be sure to set boundaries, and keep all landmarks and treasure chest within your home or backyard where you can easily supervise.

Cardboard treasure chests can be found in most party stores, but if you’re feeling artistic, you could make one using a few supplies from your local craft store.

A treasure hunt is a great learning experience for kids, helping the little ones with their reading and the older kids with reasoning and logic. And it's fun and adventurous for any kid.


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