Fast Times at Brickley’s Ice Cream

Remember when you didn’t have a care in the world about what two scoops would do to your waistline? Relive those days.

Birds are chirping, plants are sprouting up through the soft soil, and pond hockey is quickly becoming a suicidal sport, but nothing says Spring like the smell of waffle cones.

Nothing really changes on March 21 except teachers’ bulletin boards, so I mark the first day of Spring as the day Brickley’s Ice Cream opens. opened yesterday and is set to open March 16. Take that, Mother Nature.

I’m sure the kids will be frothing at the mouth when they see the “OPEN” flag unfurl, but it doesn’t have to be a special treat just for them. Embrace your inner angst-ridden teenager and grab some ice cream with your spouse, walk around the block aimlessly and profess your love for each other… and hot fudge.

If you’re really concerned about the calorie count, order a small, but there are far more important things to worry about these days, like the economy, or whether or not the dog ate your underwear. (It has happened.)

When it comes down to choosing a flavor, it’s always better to err on the side of caution the first couple times, but ask for samples of flavors you wouldn’t normally even consider – you could find your new favorite. I knew someone who challenged himself to get every flavor at least once over the course of the summer. It takes dedication to try all 45, but maybe that’s a goal you can get behind. I certainly wouldn’t have trouble motivating myself.

Go ahead, get sprinkles. Live dangerously. Never discount the fact that by walking at the same time you are eating, you are burning calories. Don’t discuss numbers, just think positively. Brickley’s in Wakefield is ideal for this, because you can window shop at the same time.

If you choose to visit the Narragansett location, you can get cups to go and drive down to the beach or the seawall and take a walk along the water. With the lights on the Newport Bridge twinkling off in the distance, you won’t think twice about who has soccer practice or if someone remembered to feed the fish you’ve secretly replaced twice already.


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