Best Place For Sporting Goods – Olympia Sports

A mainstay of the Wakefield Mall earns the Readers’ Choice distinction for this week. Coming next week: Best Sandwich!

With a good portion of the vote and a long-standing presence in the Wakefield Mall, Olympia Sports has won this week’s Readers’ Choice award for Best Place for Sporting Goods.

It wasn’t a hotly contested week, since there doesn’t tend to be a ton of options in South County for sporting goods stores that stock everything. (Instead, you tend to get a lot of specialty stores for just one or two sports, I’ve noticed.)

Therefore, Olympia is one of the few stores in the region that offers a little bit of everything for pretty much every sport. I know I used to go there quite a bit as a kid.

Join us Monday for our next Readers’ Choice poll, which will be about… Best Sandwich! Since I figure the voting will be a bit heavier for this one, please offer up any nominations in the comments section for this week. And also, to limit the scope a bit, we’re going to have a separate post for hamburgers, so confine your thoughts to just sandwiches.

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