What To Do When You Don't Fit Your Fitting?

A tale of five dresses!

Well my friends, you know the saying, "You wouldn't wish it on your worst enemy?" I think it was said regarding planning your own wedding! 

So far, I have made my own save the dates, my own invitation sets, and my centerpieces... Well, they are not completed yet, but some are.  I am also making all the favors – still keeping with the theme of truffle and ivory, but I can’t spoil the surprise! I will post pictures after the wedding, I promise. 

I was planning on making our wedding cake, but my fiancé sad no... So with picture in hand I went to a local bakeshop in town.  I asked if they could "Do this?" 

I showed a picture of a plainly frosted, three-tiered cake with two beach chairs as toppers and asked if it was doable.  I was so happy when he said yes! 

I thought I was all set... I mean, what else was there for me to do really?  I had the dress for me, dresses for my girls, tuxes for the boys... Oh wait, we had our dresses but not a fitting...

Thursday night last week we all traveled up to Warwick to have our fittings done! We picked up our dresses in the spring, so since three in my bridal party are growing teenagers (my daughter, my soon to be step-daughter and my niece), they were ordered a little bigger, or so we thought. 

Now out of the five young ladies in the party I thought two would have no issue, since they were all grown up! WRONG!  The dresses were all the wrong sizes! They all came in too small! 


My niece had pre-warned me she had grown, which since she is over six-feet tall we told her to stop along time ago. We had plans on that, hence ordering the larger size in the spring. 

I gasped when my daughter, who has remained the same size since the spring, could get in her dress, but not really move! 

"Mom, I know I have lost weight!" She told this to me with a slight tear in her eye. 

So two teenagers cant fit in their dresses, "Pooh," I thought! My soon-to-be stepdaughter, who is so tiny she was swimming in the sample size two, fit almost perfectly in her dress! 

I looked at my bridesmaid Deb, who is also my fiancé’s sister and asked her to try my daughters on, since they ordered the same size. Now this is a woman who is very slim, and has not had a growth spurt in ANY direction in the 12 years I have known her! 

She exited the dressing room, requesting help... And surprise!  It did not fit! 

Well, I was up on the pedestal having my hem worked on, and could not run out to the sales lady and cry on the counter when they told me that they could order the dresses and they could be in the store in about eight weeks... That date is about three weeks too LATE! 

I looked at my co-Maid of Honor, and she saw the face.  You know the face one makes when you don’t know if you are going to vomit, scream, cry or panic... Yes, that face. 

She lifted her dress, held her finger high and stated, "I'll go talk to them!"  If you know my best friend Jen, you know that once the finger has been shot into the air, she means business! 

She and Deb, my fiancé’s sister and friend to me for more than 12 years, you know the other one who didn’t fit in her dress, went to the sales associate to have a timeline chat! 

They came back in what seemed like hours later with news – They were going to swap out the dresses and have them in the store the end of the month for us.  This is good, since that’s a week before the wedding as opposed to three weeks after.

I finished with my fitting – I think they are going to make a new dress out of the fabric left over from my hem – and then made my way to the clerk.  I was told that sometimes people’s figures change, but since three out of the five did not even come close to their size, I figured the samples may be slightly different from the dresses we have.  I didn’t care the reason, I just wanted it taken care of, and that’s just what they did. 

Thank you Julie, from David’s Bridal in Warwick.  Thank you for putting this problem to bed.  Thank you for not having this bride-to-be get worked up.  Thank you for your great, quick service in this matter!

If I had just bought a dress there, like I have done a few times for my daughter, and everything was fine, I wouldn't tell anyone, unless there was a sale.  But I am telling you now, not because my dress is perfect, or because it was on sale, or even because they had a size for shortness and complicated taste.  I'm telling you about this because I had great service!  It was handled quickly and professionally.  Thank you again Julie!

Now, I'm not as calm as you think... I still am waiting for the rush order to come in... And to see if the dresses fit! 

Oh, and did I mention that Macy’s told me my shoes are on back order? Maybe next time!

The moral of the story is, it will all turn out well in the end.  Yes, you may cry because it’s not turning out as you planned, but in the end the problems are what we remember, what we laugh at when chatting later in life.  Don't dwell on the problems now – Laugh at them later :)

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