Split Schedule, Consistent Childcare

Get consistent childcare throughout the summer and school year when you host an au pair!
Get consistent childcare throughout the summer and school year when you host an au pair!

Wouldn’t it be great to keep the kids engaged all summer? Do you need reliable after school and vacation/sick day care for your children whose school year will be ending soon? Consider an au pair to solve your child care needs. Give your family a smooth transition from spring into summer with full time, live-in help! Eliminate daycare completely in exchange for an invaluable cultural child care experience!

An au pair can simplify your life by doing things like packing lunches, driving kids to/from school, the beach, or other summer or after-school activities, providing healthy after-school snacks/dinner, doing kids’ laundry, supervising homework/other assignments & making sure chores are completed. In addition to all that, they provide authentic cultural exchange and foreign language exposure for your kids, from the language or culture you choose!

Read about a Host Family with school-age children:  http://www.goaupair.com/Host-Families/Choose-Go-Au-Pair/Award-Winning-Au-Pairs/Au-Pair-in-Excellence---Carolina.aspx

Parents who host an Au Pair get an added family member to help with responsibilities around the house. They finally get a chance for date night or some personal time, or just time to devote to one child at a time, to attend that game, recital or doctor’s appointment.

Visit Go Au Pair online for complete details on maximum savings in the RI, CT and MA area.

Au Pairs from Go Au Pair stand out! You get safety trained, experienced, live-in, flexible child care for up to 45 hours (< 10 hrs/day) for less than $7.35 per hour, no matter how many children you have! Part time is available if you really don’t need all those hours, especially with the kids in school all day!


If you need a driver, 85% of our available au pairs have a driver’s license in their home country. You can even see extensive driving experience & details including how long the au pair has held her license, how often she drives, type of vehicle she’s used to driving & type of driving (ie: city, country, etc).

With summer sneaking back around, you may need someone who swims; 96% of our available au pairs say they can swim! We have very specific questions we suggest you ask your au pair to help you determine his or her swimming ability. You can even choose skills, such as CPR and First Aid certifications, to match your family's needs.

My name is Joan Lowell, your Go Au Pair LAR (Local Area Rep) for the Providence area. Feel free to contact me at jlowell@goaupair.com or 401-309-1925 with your questions.


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