Don't Send Kids to Daycare!

Go Au Pair will match any other au pair agency offer! Au Pair childcare in RI, CT and MA homes!
Go Au Pair will match any other au pair agency offer! Au Pair childcare in RI, CT and MA homes!

Hosting an Au Pair is the most cost-effective solution available in the child care field; daycare costs increase per child! Plus RI area families are eligible for big savings! Visit our local page for details!

Full time Au Pairs work up to 45 hrs/wk (>10 hours/day) for as low as $7.31 per hour or part time up to 30 hrs/wk for as low as $9.22 per hour, plus he or she can do tasks like kids’ laundry, tidying up kids’ play areas & bedrooms, light meal prep/clean up & even driving.

Infant-qualified Au Pairs from Go Au Pair receive specific training & when viewing potential candidates, you know exactly how many hours with each group under age two & what kind of childcare experience with older kids, which is verified as part of the extensive screening process successful Au Pairs complete, including a background investigation, psychometric testing, & a health exam. What training is provided at your current or local daycare?

Au Pairs are young people ages 18-26 who are at least high school graduates, speak English, and come to America to provide childcare, for cultural exchange & to take college courses. These are young people accountable to a Department of State-overseen program. What do your daycare workers do after hours?

When hosting an Au Pair, the Host Family generates their own house rules, written/agreed to by both parties before the Au Pair leave home; daycare agencies create contracts & require families to abide by them or pay extra.

Hosting an Au Pair teaches children to accept & even befriend those with differences; how culturally diverse & accepting is your daycare? When Au Pairs provide cultural exchange activities for your children, what cultural activities is the daycare doing with the kids?

For more information comparing Au Pair childcare to other forms of childcare contact me, Joan Lowell, your Local Area Representative for Go Au Pair, with your questions, at 401.309.1925 or jlowell@goaupair.com.

Russell Archambault May 03, 2014 at 01:49 PM
Don't Send Kids to Daycare! THE TITLE SAIS IT ALL. Mothers should stay home where they belong watching the children while they clean the house do the laundry and the dishes and get meals ready for their husbands. Then and only then will the correct order of life get back into correctness. Just my thought.
mike westman May 09, 2014 at 07:39 AM
Russell....pretty archaic thinking there eh?


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