Celebrating Mother's Day South County Style

This Sunday, millions of extraordinary women across the world will be celebrated for the toughest job they’ll ever love — motherhood. There are plenty of fun and unique ways to show mom “the love” from right here in South County.

When a special occasion like Mother’s Day is right around the corner (that would be this Sunday, May 8!) it’s going to be celebrated in variety of fashions. 

The traditional breakfast in bed is always popular, where dad and the kids gather together in complete secrecy in the kitchen, insisting that mom sleeps in as they prepare a loving feast of lumpy pancakes and crunchy bacon, and then presenting a drowsy mom with the sweetest tray of love they can conjure up.  (This usually includes at least a partial kitchen clean up so that mom doesn’t have to worry about dishes until lunchtime.)

Then there’s the presentation of lots of loving sentiments in the form of card pageantry — pop-up cards, humorous cards, singing cards, mushy cards and best of all, handmade cards that are adorned with glitter, stick figures, rainbows and your child’s sincerest message about how you are the world’s bestest mommy and she’ll love you forever (hang on to this as a reminder that she really does love you during the teenage years).

And of course, this is the day when many moms will be whisked away for a meal out—one where she can sit (we hope) for at least an hour or so and not have to get up and down during the dinner, but will be lovingly served a hot (lukewarm will do) entrée complete with wine (we really hope so!) and dessert, and simply enjoy her family’s company while the restaurant takes care of her usual job—preparation, serving, and clean-up.

Ah, yes, mix in beautiful flowers, meaningful pieces of jewelry and gift cards to , and once again, Mother’s Day has arrived.

If you’re more of a last-minute guy or gal that hasn’t had the chance to do much planning yet on how you can celebrate that awesome mom in your life, there’s no need to panic.  There are plenty of local options right here in beautiful South County for you to choose from, and some won’t cost you anything but a little bit of time.  The pay off, however, making that special woman know how much she is loved and appreciated as a mother, will be priceless.

Flower Her with Love

  • Okay, so one of society’s automatic gift buttons that is so easily pushed is that of fragrantly, fresh flowers.  A bouquet of ruby red roses or powder fresh tulips can bring a tear to a mother’s eye, and though there is absolutely nothing wrong with that sentiment—let’s face it, they only last a week at best.  How about taking a “fresh” approach to lavishing mom with a delightful flower arrangement, and go with purchasing a special perennial instead? Whether you want to do it up big with some shrubs or a gorgeous flowering tree that makes a statement, Bay Scape Landscape & Nursery, located at 933 Boston Neck Road, is the perfect place to take mom to pick out her own plants, annuals, or surprise her with fun garden themed gifts and more.
  • And don’t forget Casey Farm at 2325 Boston Neck Road in Saunderstown.  They will hold their annual plant sale just in time for Mother’s Day on May 7 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Kick off the growing season by buying from a variety of interesting organic plants including: unusual and old fashioned perennial and annual flowers, heirloom vegetables and culinary herbs. Also available are free tours of the site and family activities.

Enjoy the Outdoors Together

  • Here in Narragansett, we can’t ask for more beautiful resources to entertain our moms on their special day than some charming local spots, like a walk on one of our many scenic beaches, followed by a quiet drive along Ocean Road with a pit stop for clam cakes and chowdah at Iggy’s, located at 1157 Point Judith Road, or Aunt Carrie’s, located at 1240 Ocean Road, or a visit to Rome Point in North Kingstown, where the playful harbor seals are packing up and getting ready to head back to their summer homes of Maine and Canada.  With the fast-paced lives of multi-tasking and everyday craziness that most of our moms are living on a daily basis, today is the perfect day to stop the world and let mom enjoy herself and her precious family by spending time in the great outdoors (rain or shine!).

The Gift of Clean

There are endless tasks that moms perform day in and day out without even making us understand the enormity of the jobs she performs. She too needs rest and a helping hand. Take up the job of cleaning the house, dishes, vacuuming and washing the car, or doing the laundry for a full day or longer. (Yes, longer is good!) This gesture of yours will be appreciated as a perfect Mother's Day gift by any mother.

If that special mom in your life is more on the practical side and would absolutely hate you for to shell out a Ben Franklin on a charm bracelet or something of the like, don’t underestimate the gift of housekeeping!  Whether it’s a good old-fashioned spring cleaning, a heavy-duty carpet steaming or the luxury of having a cleaning service come every few weeks to dust the ceiling fans and clean the grout in the bathroom, you might consider giving a gift certificate to a cleaning service such as Ragtime, located at 50 High Street in Wakefield.  They’ve been in business for 32 years now and have excellent references, advice and know a thing or two about customer service.

Book Stop

  • Many busy moms find their escape from life’s hectic pace by simply reading a good book. Head over to South County’s newest book store, Wakefield Books in the Wakefield Mall, and check out the latest reads. They also have beautiful cards and journals. Why not start a new tradition for mom and gift her with a journal where the whole family can leave a nice little message about something they really love or appreciate about her? Add to it randomly throughout the years. And if you’re looking for one of the most sappy, heartfelt books about being a mom that you could possibly give as a gift, Love You Forever, written by Robert Munsch, will fit the bill. Just be sure to give her a box of Kleenex as well.

Family Picnic 

  • There’s something invigorating and refreshing about dining al fresco. You needn’t search for a quaint bistro to wow mom with this Mother’s Day — put together an easy-breezy picnic right in your own backyard or if the weather permits, head to the beach, or Fishermen’s Memorial Park, or the beautiful . Just remember, though, mom shouldn’t be in charge of putting together the picnic lunch! Island Deli, located in Point Judith or Boston Neck Road, has scrumptious sandwiches to choose from, and don’t forget The Picnic Basket, located at 20 Kingstown Road, where you can get all the delicious fixings for your outing.

Brunch or Dinner Out

  • Taking mom out for a relaxing brunch or dinner never goes out of style.  Not only is Narragansett one of the most delightfully scenic places to treat Mom to an outdoor picnic, it is also brimming with sensational restaurants. Trio will be offering a special Mother’s Day Brunch (reservations highly recommended) and serving dinner as well. Opening just in time for this special weekend is the newest restaurant in town, Maharaja, located at the Village Inn and serving authentic Indian food. If seafood is mom’s preference, Champlin’s in Galilee offers not only the widest and delicious variety of fresh fish, clams and lobster, but a spectacular view of Narragansett Harbor as well.

Get Creative

  • For you artsy types, or perhaps if you have one of the most creative moms in the world, there’s always thinking outside the typical Mother’s Day box by creating a one-of-a-kind gift that lets mom know that’s how you feel about her. Bulletin boards are often the central hub for all family activities. Customizing and personalizing one with pretty cardstock and photos of your family will surely bring a smile to mom’s face when she goes to hang the Little League schedule or this month’s hot lunch calendar. This is a project even little ones can help out with. Staples or Benny’s in Wakefield have corkboard or ready-made bulletin boards that can act as your blank canvas.
  • Another venue for creativity is surprising mom with either a treasure hunt to find her surprise gift or planning a mystery ride this Sunday. Rather than just hand her the standard gift bag with her favorite perfume, create a few fun clues that will lead her to her treasure.  Same for the mystery ride – Instead of announcing that you’re heading to George’s for a clam roll, tell mom to dress comfortably and pick a place out of the ordinary that will keep her guessing until you arrive. 

Remember Your Single Mom Friends

  • Being a mom is certainly one of the most wonderful jobs a woman could ever have, but in the same token, it’s no secret that it can also be quite difficult. We all know some pretty terrific moms who do an amazing job but do so alone — single moms.  If you know a special gal who does it all alone, think about doing a little something nice for her this Mother’s Day.  It needn’t be much—a witty card and a nice candle. Zero Wampum on Tower Hill Road in Wakefield has an amazing variety of cards and sweet gifts, or you could get some nice hand lotion from one of Pier Marketplace’s most popular stores, Most Naturally, would let her know you’re thinking about the great job she does every day.

Happy Endings

  • Every great day deserves a happy ending. Mother’s Day not only celebrates awesome moms across the world, it also falls on the second Sunday of May, which brings us closer to the long awaited season of summer. That means it’s time for  everyone’s favorite treat — ice cream. Head over to one of Narragansett’s favorite ice cream shops, Nana’s Ice Cream & Gelato Café, located in Pier Marketplace, featuring 30 flavors of frozen yogurt and ice cream and 16 flavors of creamy gelato. Nana’s also has an unbelievable 18-foot wall of candy! Not to be missed either is Brickley’s Homemade Ice Cream located on Boston Neck Road or Main Street in Wakefield.   On any given day you we have over 45 flavors ice cream, frozen yogurt, no-sugar added ice cream, sherbets and sorbet.  

Mother’s Day is certainly so much more than gifts and cards. It’s about stepping back and appreciating that amazing woman that has given unconditional love to the people most important in her life — her children.  Whether your mom is close by, lives miles away, or is no longer here but will always be lovingly tucked away in your heart, don’t forget to let her know in some special way how much she means to you.


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