Post Your '78 Blizzard Pics Here!

For those of us who weren't here – I grew up in Southern California – we'd love to see scenes of the state under mounds and mounds and mounds of snow!

Yes, I was very much alive in 1978, but I grew up in Los Angeles so I missed out on the famous blizzard that took place 35 years ago this week!

So, I've decided to put out a call for photos. If you've got any from the Blizzard of '78, taken in Rhode Island or other spots in New England, please scan them in and post them here. 

I want to see Main Street, the Harbourside, East Greenwich High School, Academy Field, your backyard... I want to see it all and I suspect I'm not alone. 

Oh, and share your stories too! Did you get stuck somewhere? Did you have to shovel until your hands were blistered? Did you run out of food? 



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