Amnesty is NOT the Answer!

President Obama gave a trademark State of the Union address Tuesday night during which he said, “we must reform our immigration system to be enforceable and provide legal status for millions of undocumented immigrants.”

Our immigration system does NOT need reform, it needs enforcement!

Since 1970 our population has grown from 203 million to over 310 million.  Much of that increase is due to the number of immigrants brought in each year plus their offspring.  This population growth has produced a serious strain on America’s resources and the American people.  All areas of our society have been impacted, and mostly in a negative fashion.  The numbers show that we can accept and assimilate about 250,000 additional people a year.  Instead, we’ve brought in close to 750,00 per year. 

These immigrants are NOT bad people! This has NOTHING to do with who these people are or where they came from.  It is a simple matter of numbers.  The numbers are too large and are unsustainable! 

Since 1986 anywhere from 11-15 million illegal aliens have appeared within our borders.  They are NOT counted in the above numbers.  This has happened because of two reasons.  One, the amnesty had the effect of encouraging illegal immigration.  And two, the penalties and protections intended to prevent illegal immigration have NOT been enforced. 

Providing legal status for millions of undocumented immigrants will NOT solve the problem, it WILL preserve and exacerbate the problem.  NO AMNESTY!!
Maureen O'Neil February 03, 2014 at 10:13 AM
I'm confused Mr. President; “we must reform our immigration system to be enforceable" (doesn't that mean you must enter through legal channels, before and during your entry process) AND "and provide legal status for millions of undocumented (illegal aliens) immigrants.” I am second generation of 'documented immigrants'. I have total support of the legal process. I am sickened when I hear; driver license so they can get to work, ID cards , Social Security cards, college tuition, and absolutely outraged when 'voting RIGHTS' are even whispered. Our voice is with our votes use it wisely.


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